Wait, What?! Paul Ryan Stopping Obamacare Repeal In Its Tracks?! He Refuses To…

It may just be that if Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was removed from his position as Speaker, President Trump’s agenda could move forward much faster, without all the foot dragging Ryan has been doing.

At every step, Ryan has been there to slow down the process and sometimes to make it impossible to move forward. Because of his delaying tactics, usually employed to make some kind of changes to pending legislation, Ryan himself makes the bill unacceptable for the caucus to vote upon.

RINO Ryan, being the obstructionist that he is, plans on sending the new Obamacare repeal bill over to the Senate. Which is good. What is bad though is that he is sending it in a couple of weeks, after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports come out and reveal how much healthcare costs will be affected by the new bill. What is he up to?

Gateway Pundit explained:

Ryan won’t release the bill until the CBO report comes out. Republican lawmakers do not only live in fear of the liberal media but also from CBO reports. The CBO is frequently off base with their reporting.

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The U.S. House of Representatives will send its healthcare overhaul plan passed earlier this month to the Senate in a couple of weeks after it receives a final analysis by congressional reviewers, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Friday.

Ryan said during a radio interview that the delay was “out of an abundance of caution” until the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) releases its findings on how much the legislation will cost and its impact on health insurance coverage.

The CBO’s analysis, or “score,” is expected to come as soon as Monday, taking into account final changes to the bill before it passed the Republican-led House earlier this month. It had previously released scores for earlier versions of the bill.

“We are just basically being overly cautious, but there’s really kind of a non-issue here,” Ryan told the syndicated Hugh Hewitt show. “We’re moving it over to the Senate probably in a couple of weeks.”

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If the bill is a good one, it will pass on its own merits, and Ryan doesn’t need another opinion to move forward. This is Paul Ryan playing “Democrats’ Advocate,” since the Devil isn’t here to give his say.

Conservatives are certainly tired of Ryan’s obstructionist, roadblock mentality. If he doesn’t get on board with the agenda we voters indicated we wanted when we put Trump in the White House, Ryan’s a short timer and the next election may usher him right out the front door.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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