Paul Ryan Strikes Again! Tries To Sabotage President Trump’s Tax Plan By Forcing Him To…

Regardless of how you want to approach it, the Republican effort to repeal or reform or replace Obamacare was not one of the high points for this new Congress and administration. With Mr. Ryan serving as the Speaker of House it is especially embarrassing to him to have had to pull his legislation from the agenda to avoid a certain defeat on the House floor.

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That said, it is preferable to pass no legislation than to replace Obamacare with something just as bad or even worse. At this point, the Democrats still totally own the healthcare situation as it is their legislation that is still in force. Let’s hope the next attempt at healthcare reform is led by someone other than Paul Ryan.

Tax reform is the next item on the agenda, and consistent with his campaign promises, President Trump wants to spread the benefits of tax reform more to the middle and lower classes than does Mr. Ryan. So once again, we see the Speaker of the House and the President not entirely on the same page.

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So as the battle to design and pass a tax program gets underway, we are once again likely to see President Trump at odds with Speaker Ryan. Here’s how things are shaping up: “As WaPo details, Trump proposed a plan that would have reduced taxes drastically, especially for the wealthy but also for the poor and working class. Meanwhile, Ryan and his colleagues put together a plan that was equally generous to the rich but that would give poor and middle-class taxpayers less of a break. The speaker’s plan would even have increased taxes on some in the upper middle class. The richest 0.1 percent of households would receive similar benefits from both politicians: an average of $1.4 million per household a year under Ryan’s plan and $1.5 million annually under Trump’s plan.”

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So Ryan wants to force Trump into increasing taxes on the middle class? What is he thinking?!

Due to the fact that Speaker Ryan cannot seem to understand the benefit he has with a Republican in the White House, it’s likely that he and President Trump will butt heads once again with the possibility of the very strange spectacle of the president actually getting his plan passed with the help of some Democrats. “So get ready America, it will be hard for Trump to temper his on-again, off-again support for Speaker Ryan if this division grows – and ironically, Trump may find more support from the other side of the aisle for his ‘middle-class tax cuts’ as the GOP splinters further.”

With Paul Ryan’s apparent indifference to party unity and his equally apparent desire to battle President Trump more than support him, such an outcome as described above is not all that hard to imagine. As Judge Jeanine recently said on her program, it’s time for Paul Ryan to go.

Source: ZeroHedge

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