Paul Ryan Just Got The Worst News Of His Career — He’s In A Blind Panic — WHOA!

By failing to pass the version of so-called “Obamacare Lite,” the responsibility for that failure will be laid on the shoulders of the anti-Trump Republicans, namely, Paul Ryan. President Trump knows that anything less than a total repeal of the disastrous Affordable Care Act will just increase that disaster two-fold.

Democrats have been celebrating their assumed victory over the forces of Republican darkness, but that celebration will be short lived when the actual Trump plan gets unveiled in the future.

We would have expected that repealing and replacing Obamacare couldn’t happen over night since it took several years to finally implement the monstrosity it became and it was still evolving when Barack Obama left office in January. But did Ryan toss up a worthless bill that nobody understood or wanted simply to hurt Trump? Time will tell on that. However, what we do know is that American is not too thrilled with the current Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan’s approval rating took a big hit over his healthcare failure and the fact that he has been an ardent Trump detractor from the beginning hasn’t won him any brownie points. A new Speaker of the House may be in the future.

Allen B West pointed out:

As Nancy Pelosi (literally) jumped for joy after the American Healthcare Act failed, she apparently didn’t realize the irony in celebrating the continued existence of a healthcare law whose unpopularity allowed Republicans to dominate the House and Senate. You should’ve jumped for joy, too — because Republicans don’t have to own Obamacare 2 now either.

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Red Alert Politics reported:

Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a report on Thursday showing that Americans of all ages said that Ryan was more responsible for the failure of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) than Trump. 42 percent blamed the Speaker, while 33 percent blamed Trump. As a result, the President was spared from his poll numbers falling too far.

Speaker Ryan, on the other hand, saw his numbers plummet. Among all Americans, Ryan’s approval rating fell from 34 percent to 21 percent in just two weeks. During the same time, his disapproval grew from 48 percent to 61 percent.

Among millennials, Ryan’s approval hit one of the lowest numbers among any elected official in history. Just 5 percent of young voters approved of the job the Speaker was doing, 68 percent disapproved.

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The margin of error in the poll was 3.8 percent, meaning Ryan’s millennial support could be as low at 1.2 percent — or basically nonexistent.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the right time to scrap Obamacare, Obamacare Lite, Obamacare 2.0 or any form of the worst kind of healthcare imaginable- government administered healthcare! And perhaps waiting for a new Speaker of the House to get the job done.

Source: Allen B West

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