Paul Ryan Abandons Speakership? What He Just Found Out Has Him Sprinting Out Of Washington

If you blinked and thought for a moment that the Democrats might be in the minority for a very, very long time, you might be surprised with the latest news. While the Party of the Jackass lacks quite a bit of youth up front when it comes to the big offices, their House positions are more geared toward the younger of the crowd who have become quite disaffected with their feckless leadership.

By the same token, however, Republicans the country over have become quite fed up with their own leadership as well. From Mitch McConnell, to John McCain, to Lindsey Graham, and Paul Ryan, there is really no one of high recognition safe from the wrath of the angry GOP voter.

When Paul Ryan rode the coattails of Donald Trump to victory on November 8th, with all Americans completely done with politics-as-usual in the Swamp, he thought he was riding on Easy Street if he could make a few grand gestures, platitudes and promises and then not deliver. Sadly, it appears that may not exactly be the case, especially in light of the fact that the Democrats have been outpacing Republican counterparts in fundraising for the past three months!

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Fox News:

The campaign arm of the House Democrats has shattered its August fundraising record with its largest off-year haul coming in at a whopping $6.26 million.

Monday’s numbers, first reported by NBC News, shows DCCC besting its previous record of $4.15 million in August 2015.

“With the House in play, another record-breaking month of fundraising for the DCCC is a clear sign that the grassroots energy behind House Democrats is constantly growing stronger,” Tyler Law, a spokesman for the committee told NBC News.

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Law added, “Given Speaker (Paul) Ryan’s failure to govern with unified Republican control of Washington, it’s understandable that vulnerable House Republicans are opting for retirement while we are recruiting incredible candidates deep into the map.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has outraised its Republican counterpart in the past three months.

Republicans have not released their August numbers yet.

Overall, the DCCC has raised $72.46 million this year. As of July, the Republican Congressional Committee had a $12 million advantage over Democrats. 

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And so, it comes down to the same old story: The endangered Swamp RINOs of the Establishmentariat have been busy planning how to upset the game board for our president while they have ignored the bigger looming problem of their own demise.

While it’s sweet to think of a day when Ryan will be voted out because of his indifference to the will of the American voter, it is nonetheless almost enticing to give up the seat to a Democrat just to sing, “Na Na Na Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye!”

Source: Fox News

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