Guess What Paul Ryan Is Doing To President Trump Now — Patriots Demand His Resignation

Rush Limbaugh, the undisputed king of talk radio, has been ahead of the curve with predictions about the Left and its agenda for ages. There hasn’t been a year where his prediction rates have decreased from the previous. That said, he has formulated brilliant tidbits of insight that have become the nourishment for the Right wing of the Republican Party.

Anyone familiar with Limbaugh’s many hypotheses will recall his ingenious discovery of his Limbaugh Theorem, contending that Barack Hussein Obama, as part of a calculated and permanent campaign strategy, maintains, with the help of a sycophantic media, high approval ratings despite the unpopularity of his policies, actually rallying against the bad results of his own decisions as if he had nothing to do with them!

Limbaugh’s latest stroke of brilliance just in the past month or so was reiterated in a rare interview on Fox News’ The Sean Hannity Show. He was asked about the incessant way that Trump’s own party continually attempts to thwart his agenda and combat the American people on policies that they have obviously wanted pushed through Congress, but have been given a big middle finger! He answered that the Establishment will never allow Trump a victory, because they can’t afford it!

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Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” in a rare television interview conservative talker Rush Limbaugh explained to host Sean Hannity why President Donald Trump is having difficulties moving agenda.

According to Limbaugh, the so-called establishment “can’t afford” for Trump to succeed.

“Look, there isn’t much conservativism in the establishment,” Limbaugh explained. “There are Republicans and Democrats, but it’s basically people who are pro-government, pro-Washington, think government and Washington is the center of the world. They’ll give occasional mentions of these things that you mention, these policies to placate voters. But going back to an original question you had here, they don’t want Trump to succeed with his agenda.

They can’t afford that. I’m not exaggerating here and trying to say things for a sound bite that Fox replays the rest of the day. They don’t want five days rush.”

They don’t want — they can’t afford for him to succeed with his agenda,” he continued. “They can’t afford it. The lid’s blown. The gig is over. The joke is revealed. If an outsider with no prior political experience can come in and fix messes that people have been promised would be fixed for 30 years, how does that make them look? They can’t allow that to happen.”

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This is spot on and very insightful, not unlike what many Conservative and Right wing writers have been trumpeting since Inauguration Day. McConnell famously answered a reporter when asked earlier in the year about Trump chiding him for the poor showing in the GOP in repealing the Unaffordable Care Act. He said, “The president doesn’t understand how difficult it is to get things done here in Washington.”

While it’s true that Donald Trump doesn’t understand how difficult it is to get things done in the Swamp, he certainly DOES understand results and ineptitude. For results, just take a look at his campaign that destroyed every single career politician and Swamp RINO on those debate stages. For ineptitude, just take a quick run down to the Capitol building.

Source: Breitbart

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