American City Now Under The Rule Of Sharia Law? It Is Over For America?

At the very least, we know that former President Barack Obama is a Muslim-sympathizer. At the very worst, many believe that Obama is in fact a follower of Islam.

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Regardless, Obama went out of his way to ensure that our country was overtaken and overrun by Muslims, and may have hoped that some day our Rule of Law would turn into Sharia Law.

Well, that day may very well in fact be here. And the town in question is Dearborn, Michigan.

From Mad Patriots:

I [lived] in Michigan for a while and I remember when I would go through some of the suburbs of Detroit you would see your typical metropolitan melting pot of every person from every country you can name. Now, it seems that particular people are trying to completely take over certain cities.

Look, we have one set of laws and they need to be applicable to everyone. No special laws just for certain people. This kind of crap cannot stand. We cannot allow for people to have their own little fifedoms within the borders of our country. As we witness the demise of many European nations under waves of Muslim immigration, it would be a mistake to think that could never happen in America.

The following video shows that, thanks to the policies of Barack Obama, at least one American town is already completely under Sharia Law. And it won’t be the last if we don’t start supporting President Trump’s immigration policies.

It’s not about ending immigration. It’s about making sure those we do let in are prepared to integrate with American society and culture, NOT TRY TO OVERTHROW IT.

Watch and weep:

So what do we need to do? We need to support President Trump and his hard look at both illegal and legal immigration. We must vet our immigrants very carefully, in order to protect our country from a complete, meticulous overthrow by Muslims.

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The Islamic lifestyle calls for living under obscene rules and regulations that defy everything that our country was founded upon. The reason America was in fact created was to preserve all that is good, true, and beautiful in the world, and thereby encouraging all people to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. So any infiltration of Sharia Law needs to stop RIGHT NOW.

Source: Mad Patriots

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