Outbreak! Deadly Disease Spreads Across Border States — Americans On High Alert

In our day, modern medicine has largely eradicated communicable diseases that formerly developed into plagues that wiped out sizeable portions of civilizations. Perhaps one-third of Europe died in the middle-ages from the “Black Death.” Records were poorly kept but perhaps up to 200 million died in the 1300s. We are largely spared from such tragedies. At least until now.

The sheer terror of a plague or pandemic spreading is awful enough not to mention the loss of lives. The disruption of the social and economic fabric is devastating as people are afraid to go out in public lest they become infected themselves and then infect their families.

As illegal aliens who are carriers of the Bubonic Plague cross the border into our southern states, we risk that disease being introduced into our country and spreading. While the survival rate is quite good if proper antibiotics are administered promptly, nothing is perfect, and it’s still not unusual for 10% of those infected to die even with proper treatment. Illegal aliens under detainment are by definition not screened for the disease, making it all the more important to end illegal immigration.

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“The bubonic plague, an infectious disease responsible for decimating entire European cities during the Black Death pandemic of the Middle Ages, has been spotted again in two border states.

“The first cases occurred in New Mexico, where by June three patients had already been treated for it, according to The New York Times. Moreover, and this is key, this isn’t a new phenomenon for the border state. As The Times reported: ‘Every year for the last few years, a handful of people in New Mexico have come down with plague.’

“This telling revelation coincides with the spike in illegal immigration that erupted during the latter years of former President Barack Obama’s tenure.”

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Unfortunately for the liberals who are encouraging illegal immigration, the bacteria that cause this deadly disease do not understand tolerance, identity politics, or all the “good” the liberals are trying to accomplish.

Hence, the left’s policy of promoting illegal migration and the sheltering of them in sanctuary cities might wind up being responsible for the deaths of many of their citizens to this horrible disease. And these would be deaths that could have been prevented simply by following the nation’s immigration laws.

It is encouraging that some liberal publications “get it.”

“While it cannot definitely be said that illegal immigrants are responsible for transporting this deadly disease to the states, it’s a fact that the lack of screening of detained illegals is a problem — one that even Slate, a far-left magazine, warned about three years ago.

“‘(I)mmigrants in poor health or suffering from a communicable illness who enter this country illegally create public health risks,’ wrote Dr. Marc Siegel, professor of medicine at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. It’s because of this reason he wrote, that ‘we have such an extensive system for screening the health of legal immigrants in the first place before they are allowed in.'”

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Dr. Siegel makes good sense. In fact, it would probably be medical malpractice for him to say anything different.

This statement should be publicly presented to those promoting sanctuary cities and open borders as they are asked if they believe allowing illegals into the country who have not been screened for such diseases is a good idea. Further, are they at all concerned by such individuals inhabiting their cities and states?

Get them on record with their replies. Publish those replies so all the people can see them. This is not a matter of racism as a member of any race can present a risk. The question is whether the left is willing to pursue its open borders program at the risk of causing a plague.

And remind those leaders that they are just as susceptible to the disease as the public. That should bring the addressing of the problem home, right where it belongs.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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