President Trump Gets Stunning Sanctuary City News — Straight Out Of Phoenix?

The sanctuary city movement is no less than a series of official acts of rebellion by state and local jurisdictions against legitimate, established, federal laws. Perhaps in our politically-correct age that is too plain of a statement for some, yet it is the truth nonetheless. The purpose of a sanctuary city is to obstruct or deny official cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

This is a perfect opportunity for liberal judges to rule otherwise, thereby encouraging the breaking of the law as opposed to its just enforcement. As this method of interpretation is carried into other matters of law, the result is chaos.

The Phoenix Police Department is moving to implement sanctuary city policies. Specifically, officers will be prohibited from contacting federal immigration authorities regarding known illegals without first getting permission from their superiors. Note this is after the City of Phoenix dropped its sanctuary status.

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“Phoenix Police is working in making changes to their current operational procedure for officers, Breitbart Texas reported. The new changes to the policy would force officers to get permission from supervisors before contacting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in dealing with suspects, victims, or witnesses who may be in the country illegally.”

As offensive as this decision is at face value, it will also encourage crime in Phoenix. That is if the city’s history is any guide.

“In 1985, before Phoenix took on a series of sanctuary city-type policies, the city had an illegal immigrant population of less than 90,000 and had a total of 89 homicides. The homicides and the number of illegal immigrants in the city began to steadily climb in the years after. By 1994 and 1995, homicides had reached 231 and 221 respectively and the illegal immigrant population climbed to approximately 160,000. The violent trend continued. During a nine-year period between 1999-2007, the city saw more than 200 yearly homicides for seven of the nine years. By 2007, the number of illegal aliens in Phoenix was listed at over 500,000.”

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This excerpt was written by a retired Phoenix police officer who also had experience in battling Mexican crime cartels. It is an outstanding indictment of the sanctuary city movement, and contradicts the idea that harboring illegal migrants is harmless.

It is not harmless, but rather gets people robbed, raped, and killed.

One can acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of those in our country illegally mean no one any harm. In fact, one should rejoice at that fact lest the cities and counties where they are concentrated descend into utter chaos.

But the fact remains that they are here in violation of federal laws, and that until such time as those laws are amended or repealed, local police departments should be the last people to obstruct their enforcement.

Source: Breitbart

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