President Trump Just Got Stunning Sanctuary City News — Straight Out Of California!

Sanctuary cities are those locations set up by liberals in select cities across America where illegal aliens can gain protection from arrest and deportation by federal authorities. As such, they are vehicles for assisting fugitives in thwarting federal law.

Given the cost of all the social services these illegal migrants consume, they are also effective vehicles in further impoverishing cities that are already on the brink, such as Chicago.

The good news is that there are grassroots groups that have had enough of this nonsense and illegality, and are working to defund every sanctuary city in California. And it’s about time. And President Trump is cheering!

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“This past Tuesday Joseph Turner filed paperwork to launch an initiative that could deprive the city of Cudahy of 13.5 percent of their general revenue funds. Turner told Breitbart News that this is part of a larger effort to defund sanctuary cities. He filed the new initiative under Prop 218 as a utility tax repeal.

“Turner told the local Fox11 News that his effort could “attack 13.5 percent of their revenue base” for a mere “couple hundred bucks and less than a hundred signatures.”

“He told Breitbart News that by filing under 218 he only needs to gather 62 signatures from Cudahy voters. It could take 3-4 weeks before signature gathering begins, but once it does Turner will have 180 days to gather the 62 Cudahy voter signatures.”

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This is just one of many cities in which Turner plans to initiate this action.

“Turner founded the group American Children First after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, according to the organization’s website. The site states, ‘He recognized the short window of opportunity that exists to ensure that promises made on the issues of illegal immigration, border security, and trade are kept.'”

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Far from being poor immigrants looking for a better life who couldn’t manage to enter the US legally, many of these illegals are dangerous criminals.

“‘In a single week, there were more than 200 instances of jurisdictions refusing to honor ICE detainer requests with respect to individuals charged or convicted of a serious crime. The charges and convictions against these aliens include: drug trafficking, hit and run, rape, sex offenses against a child and even murder,’ said Sessions, who called for the halt of sanctuary city policies.”

Why would any responsible administration want these thugs in their city? The answer is that a responsible administration would not.

The leaders of these cities are not responsible civic leaders, but are derelict in their responsibly to secure the safety of their citizens by harboring dangerous criminals and obstructing justice.

If Mr. Turner’s efforts help bring this dangerous and absurd practice to an end, more power to him.

Source: Breitbart

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