Ohio City Orders Police To Protect ILLEGALS! Americans Are PISSED!

The sanctuary city movement is nothing more than a local exercise in the obstruction of federal justice. When migrants enter the country illegally, they have committed a crime and should be subject to arrest and prosecution, just like any other criminal.

Except the left does not see them as criminals, but rather as future liberal voters, as well as vehicles for promoting their open borders agenda. So the liberals want these people to be ignored by law enforcement, even though mixed in with these masses of illegal migrants are violent criminals. Perhaps letting a few murderers, rapists, and drug dealers into the country is worth it to the left, if that’s what has to happen for them to achieve their goals.

To prove that weird and dangerous ideas are hatched in more places than just the East and West coasts, Columbus, Ohio has passed a law that prevents the police from arresting illegal migrants for their violation of immigration laws. In other words, Columbus has establish a class of criminals that are immune to arrest for their crime.

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Breitbart reports that “[t]he city council of Columbus, Ohio, voted on Monday to make it against the law to arrest anyone based on their illegal immigration status. The city also doubled-down and made it illegal to deny someone services because they are an illegal alien. City officials deny that Columbus is a ‘sanctuary city.'”

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This is so typical of the left. In their embrace of relativism, words mean whatever the speaker wishes for them to mean. Hence, we are moving in the direction of being unable to communicate with each other. Given the law as passed, how could Columbus be anything other than a “sanctuary city?”

Again, from Breitbart: “Although the policy prevents the City or employees from using any city property for detecting or apprehending those illegally in the country, or ‘the use of local taxpayer resources for the enforcement of federal immigration policy,’ city officials do not declare Columbus a ‘sanctuary city,’ reported the Dispatch. ‘[T]hey don’t want the city a target for President Donald Trump, who has threatened federal funding for cities that adopt the label,’ the article written Monday afternoon about the ordinance and city officials reported.”

We finally get some honesty at the end of that last excerpt. City leadership deceitfully lies about Columbus’ status as a sanctuary city, because they are afraid of President Trump, as well as losing out on some federal money. So they hope to hide from the feds by spreading falsehoods.

This a real brave bunch in Columbus. If it’s not already an undesirable place to live or work, the city council and mayor should be able to achieve that with some time and effort.

Source: Right Wing News

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