Fired? He’s Deliberately Sabotaging President Trump — He’s On Chopping Block?

The deep state is a decades long network of Democrats doing their best to stop anything positive from happening in Washington, DC.

Since President Trump entered into office, their new goal is to stop Trump at all costs. But have their tactics gone too far?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has been appointed by Rod Rosenstein to investigate the claims of collusion between the Trump administration and the Russians, is on a tear right now, hiring every Liberal attorney he possibly can. He has the honor of being BFF to James Comey, former FBI Director who was famously fired by President Trump. A new prediction is out there that says that the Special Counsel Mueller is so caustic to the administration, that he won’t even make it 100 days from now, that Trump will be requesting his firing before he can get to the meat of the investigation.

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The Gateway Pundit:

Legal News site, LawNewz wrote a piece Friday morning predicting special counsel Mueller will not make it another 100 days.

“Lets be clear, it was extraordinary for the President to fire the FBI director. In fact, James Comey was only the second-ever to be fired in U.S. history. The President undoubtedly had the authority to do it but despite coming under fire during the 2016 election, Comey was long viewed as a fixture, a sometimes controversial but even-handed, non-partisan and eminently qualified director who would never get fired.  Especially because of the ongoing Russia investigation. Except that is exactly what happened, and why it happened. The President admitted as much.

Since then the “witch hunt” investigation into the Trump campaign and alleged collusion with the Kremlin has taken a decidedly more perilous and personal turn for the President. And that’s exactly why we think it won’t be longer than 100 days before Trump pulls the trigger and “Comey” Mueller (no he can’t technically fire him but he can certainly order it and make it happen). After all, as the campaign and his first few months in office prove, Trump puts his family above anything else. As information continues to seep out about the work that Mueller is doing and the subpoenas start coming, we believe the President will be increasingly frustrated and the administration will undoubtedly continue to seek to undermine Mueller’s credibility. And lets be clear, by any objective standard Mueller is an unassailable, apolitical public servant.”

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Cristina Laila of the Gateway Pundit goes on to list some of the appointments that Mueller has made to back up what we already know to be a stacked deck when it comes to those investigating Trump. What Laila fails to mention however is that the source of this 100-day prediction is Dan Abrams (who is the Managing Editor of Law Newz). This is the same Dan Abrams who was once General Manager of MSNBC while hosting The Abrams Report.

Abrams is also the Chief Legal Analyst at NBC and his prediction is based purely on animus for Trump and an obvious sycophantic adoration for Mueller, claiming that “by any objective standard Mueller is an unassailable, apolitical public servant????” Is this the Twilight Zone? Since when has any objective standard ever been assigned to a Leftist. And pardon me, but “unassailable, apolitical?” Is this guy kidding? There is a ton of evidence out there that shows just the opposite. Nice try. Mueller stays and two years from now, this finally wraps up with a big fat nothing to show for the billions spent.

Source:  The Gateway Pundit

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