WHOA: Guess Who Just Offered To Build The Wall? It’s Not Who You Think!

In the midst of all the controversy over immigration policy, President Trump’s proposed border wall is the feature that has gotten the most attention. The travel ban and the battle with the courts ranks up there as well, but that issue arrived at the party a bit later than the wall which became a topic early in the campaign.

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All of the objections from the liberals to the wall aside, it is almost amusing to see those who are lining up to support it. You would think Hispanics, especially Hispanic-owned businesses, would have nothing to do with something that the left tells them they should be offended by. You would be wrong.

It turns out that there are Hispanics who see building the wall as a great opportunity to build their businesses. The Blaze informs us that, “Mario Burgos owns the Albuquerque-based professional services firm, Burgos Group. He is just one of about 60 Hispanic business owners who are now bidding for contracts with the federal government as it seeks to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall. Burgos conducts business in seven states and employs around 120 people, according to CNN.”

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What a surprise.  Businesses see an opportunity to make money and they go for it. That’s the sort of thing only a leftist can hate.

The Blaze continues with a quote from Mr. Burgos, “‘It’s not an anti-immigrant thing for me,’ Burgos told CNN. ‘It’s about creating jobs. And honestly [it’s] like any other job.'”

And here we thought today’s Democrats were the ideological descendants of President FDR, famous for his WPA and other government programs and projects. Yet they are throwing a fit over a wall that will be financed by one government or another, the construction of which will create at least hundreds of jobs. And many of those jobs will go to Hispanics.

That this wall is such a controversial issue really is astonishing. It does not seek to redefine national borders. It prevents no one from entering the US who has the papers to do so regardless of their race, religion, or nationality. It does accomplish this: It states that the US will control who the US lets into the country, and it makes it more difficult for anyone to enter illegally. That this is an abhorrent thought to the left is incredible. Would they also disband the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency as well as the U.S. Coast Guard? Why not, if we’re going to have open borders?

Put all this together and where’s the problem? It exists only in the convoluted thinking of the liberals who cannot stand President Trump, and want his plans and programs to fail no matter how much such failures would hurt the very people the left alleges to wish to help.

Source: Clash Daily

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