Obama’s Dreamy Trip To Italy Is Now A Nightmare! Rand Paul Calling Out Obama For…WHOA!

While Mr. Obama enjoys an Italian vacation, compete with some opportunities to speak to adoring crowds, things are not going well for him and his legacy back home.

As President Trump works to defund Obama’s initiatives, and Congress works to send Obamacare to the trash bin of history, it’s beginning to look like the former president might be in trouble for using spy agencies to meddle in the presidential election. It’s just one more evidence of the fact that Mr. Obama’s claims that he would run a “transparent” administration were nothing but lies.

Now Senator Rand Paul has revealed that he has been informed by multiple sources that Mr. Obama used federal agencies to spy on several of the Republican presidential candidates including himself. Sounds like fodder for a Congressional investigation.

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And that is precisely what Senator Paul is requesting. He has asked government agencies for what information they have on these allegations.

In a Fox News interview, Rand Paul said: “We’ve had two reporters call us who’ve said they have sources. I have not seen the sources so I cannot say one way or the other. But when I have two different reporters calling me saying they have multiple sources saying the Obama administration was either unmasking or querying presidential candidates my ears do perk up.”

You can watch the full interview here:

Since one of the Republicans running in the primaries would presumably face Hillary Clinton, the possibility that corrupt and illegal actions would be instigated against her potential opponents would not be a surprise. In fact, it would be surprise if she did not employ such tactics.

That Mr. Obama would be involved in this is a given since he would either have to order such surveillance of the Republican candidates, or at least tacitly approve of those actions.

Perhaps the real purpose of Mr. Obama’s trip is to find a new country to live in. After all, both he and his wife have made highly uncomplimentary remarks about America and it’s voters. We could be so fortunate.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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