Obama Muslim Staffer RALLIES Radical Left Against Trump…There’s Just One Major Problem!

It’s not like President Trump arrived in Washington to a clean slate. While he can and is appointing his senior staff as well as sending nominations for cabinet positions to the Senate for approval, there remain vestiges of the Obama administration in positions where they can create problems for their new boss.

Clearly, these people had hoped that this new boss would have been Hillary Clinton with whom they would no doubt have been much more eager to cooperate.

Those who do get fired will no doubt attempt to turn their dismissal into a political event which will eagerly be picked up by a mainstream media that is furious with President Trump. The same will go for those who voluntarily leave because they refuse to serve under a Trump administration. In fact, this has already started.

One Obama staffer has just left in a huff. “One Muslim woman, who worked for Barack Obama on the National Security Council, is making herself out to be some hero after she claims she was basically thrown out of Donald Trump’s White House.”

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What is this woman’s story that she would have us believe? “‘I lasted eight days,’ Rumana [Ahmed] wrote for The Atlantic. Then, she went on to explain why she had to leave. She wrote, ‘When Trump issued a ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and all Syrian refugees, I knew I could no longer stay and work for an administration that saw me and people like me not as fellow citizens, but as a threat.'”

Now that she’s had her say, we can take a look at the facts. She is an American citizen, so she does not face deportment, and she is entitled to all the constitutional protections that any other American citizen enjoys. She certainly has many more protections and rights than she would in many Muslim countries. So it is unclear what she might have feared.

That the administration saw her and people like here, presumably other Muslims, as threats is her opinion. And it is an opinion that remains baseless without some evidence. If she had been treated in her job contrary to law, there are no doubt plenty of attorneys who would be eager to take her case. Thus far, we are unaware of any such litigation pending.

What is far more likely is that she was involved in pushing either a leftist or a Muslim agenda in her job under the Obama administration, and correctly realized that such would no longer be possible under in a Trump administration. Hence, rather than “suffer” under an administration that she despised, she quit, and now turned to a sympathetic media to spread her propaganda in revenge for what boils down to a change in administrations of which she does not approve.

If she is truly unhappy with the way the government is treating Muslims who have committed terrorist attacks or entered the nation illegally, she should, as an American citizen, support legitimate law enforcement work, and as a Muslim, work for the eradication of violent elements from her faith. That said, we’re not holding our breath.

Source: Mad World News

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