SHOCKING! As Obama Awards Himself, He SHUNS Veteran Who Deserves THIS…Proves Barack Hates Vets!

Since Barack Obama has been president, he has disrespected our military veterans by cutting back their needed and hard-earned healthcare benefits, slashed their pay, and reduced their retirement pensions. He did this just so he could give that money to illegal immigrants and Syrian “refugees” who became such because of ISIS. This is the terrorist organization Obama helped by funding and arming them with advanced American weapons.

Now, with his last few breaths as President of the United States, Obama has demonstrated his total disregard for American veterans and has used his remaining time in office to assuage his massive ego with yet another undeserved award.

Mad World News reported:

In the last days of his presidency, Obama has embarrassingly awarded himself The Distinguished Public Service Medal and has even found time to bestow an unmerited presidential Medal of Freedom on outgoing Vice President Joe Biden. However, what he’s doing now — or, rather, not doing — is a national disgrace on a whole new level.

According to Breitbart, Obama apparently does not have the time to bestow a single Medal of Honor on 70-year-old former U.S. Army Spc. Jim McCloughan, who has been waiting nearly 48 years to receive hard-earned recognition for his acts of valor and bravery in Vietnam.

In May of 1969, former U.S. Army Spc. Jim McCloughan heroically saved 10 people even though he was badly wounded. With grenade shrapnel and a bullet wound in his arm, McCloughan continued to fight selflessly for over two days to save his fellow soldiers during the Battle of Nui Yon Hill.

President Obama doesn’t have the time to bestow upon Spc. McCloughan his Medal of Honor because Obama’s too busy praising and awarding himself and Vice President Biden with completely undeserved accolades.

It fits though. It’s just another worthless “participation trophy” that means absolutely nothing to the recipient and even less to those forced to watch the ceremony.

What it’s all about for Obama is he gets his ego stroked one more time before America cheers as he gets escorted out of the White House.

Source: Mad World News

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