TREASON?! Obama SHUNS Israel One Last Time With This STUNNING Bombshell…SHOCKING Proof He’s A TRAITOR!

From the moment that the news announced November 8, 2016, that Donald Trump was the next president of the United States, lame duck President Barack Obama decided then and there to make the transition of power as difficult as possible.

As many times as we heard the phrase “peaceful transfer of power” last Friday on Inauguration Day, you would have thought the weeks leading up to Donald Trump taking the Oath of Office would have been seamless.

Unfortunately, it would never be the case. Obama did his best to shove as many new regulations on Americans as possible, and also dumped more money into programs that were never working.

But here is the story that no one has told you yet. What Obama did in his last waking hours as president will having you fuming. It screams treachery to the very end!

From The Political Insider:

During Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House, his relationship with Israel was troubled at best. From frequent battles with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to his vocal support for the Palestinians, Obama significantly set back U.S.-Israel relations.

Now, we learn that on his way out of the White House, Obama sent a last minute payment of $221 million to the Palestinians, a move that will surely anger both American and Israeli politicians.

From Fox News:

Officials said Monday that the Obama administration– in its waning hours– defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that GOP members of Congress had been blocking.

A State Department official and several congressional aides told The Associated Press that the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning.

The official said former Secretary of State John Kerry had informed some lawmakers of the move shortly before he left the State Department for the last time Thursday.

The aides said written notification dated Jan. 20 was sent to Congress just hours before Donald Trump took the oath of office.

HOURS. Hours before Trump took office, Obama decided to stab Israel in the back one last time. This should be enough to be considered treason. We might as well send Hillary, Obama, and Kerry to jail for their heinous actions – America deserves better than these three traitors.

Thankfully, we now have President Donald Trump in office now. We can trust that he will continue his unwavering support for Israel, regardless of Obama’s unspeakable tactics!

Source: The Political Insider

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