Look What We Just Discovered! Obama’s Border Patrol Regime In Cahoots With…

President Barack Obama’s corruption and lawlessness seems to have permeated every part of the US government, from the top all the way down to the Border Patrol – a branch of the federal government that’s charged with keeping the borders secure.

Whenever illegal aliens or drug smugglers try to come across, the Border Patrol’s job is apprehend them before they can get very far and send them packing back to where they came from, if they don’t serve time in jail first.

But there is a 40 mile section of our border in Montana’s Havre Sector that has been intentionally left unprotected, based upon the orders of Border Patrol officials dating back to the Obama era, and they are allowing undesirables to come across undetected. So the question becomes, are they doing this in collusion with those who are illegally crossing the borders?

Via Breitbart:

A top Border Patrol agent and president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) has alleged that Border Patrol management in Montana’s Havre Sector are suspected of being corrupt and ordering miles of border unpatrolled in an intentional effort to help drug smugglers.

The agent, Brandon Judd, made the shocking assertions in response to a Breitbart Texas exclusive “Officials Defy Trump’s Promises: 40 Miles of Border Ordered Unpatrolled” and were made on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM.

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Agent Judd, as president of the NBPC, asserted:

“They [Border Patrol managers] started assigning agents to one zone instead of letting them patrol the entire border. What this did was it left 40 miles just completely open. Which then allows anybody to cross the border without being detected, without being found. Again, who knows what came across the border during that period of time: narcotics, weapons, illegal aliens and who knows from where … this is something that we saw during the Obama-era and was something that we definitely didn’t think was going to happen in the Trump-era.”

Agent Judd continued:

“I’ve been in contact with the highest levels of management and they’re looking into it. It’s believed that this is due to corruption. That management is making the decision to pull agents out of certain zones to allow contraband to come across the border … this is being looked at that that’s what this is about.”

Border Patrol Agent Judd’s interview is below:

The influence of Obama’s lawlessness continues to dangle over our heads and the sooner we can rid ourselves of his insidiousness, the better off we will be.

Trump needs to get full control of our borders back,  shut down this flagrant defiance of his mandate, and put an end to this kind of activity.

Source: Breitbart

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