With Two Weeks Left, Obama Receives Stunning Token At Steps Of White House…And Trump Is Smiling!

Now with Trump less than two weeks away from taking office, the signs of White House practicality will need to come into play. With the Obamas leaving and the Trumps entering, logistics must be a nightmare.

Whatever moving needs to be done, it’s no doubt a far cry from when Harry Truman left office. The story goes that he and Bess packed up their belongings in their car and drove themselves back to their home in Independence, Missouri. Whether that story is accurate or not, it does point back to a simpler time when the United States Presidency had less of an “imperial” tone than it has acquired in the years since Mr. Truman held office.

In a sign of good things to come, a moving van was spotted at the White House. Although it makes you wonder what sort of belongings a president and his family might have that need moving – after all, the furniture stays – it’s just one more reminder of the fact that in two weeks Mr. Obama will no longer be president.

Regardless of what the Obama family has to move, their destination is a bit more interesting. As it turns out, that moving van doesn’t have far to go. And that fits in very well with stories of what Mr. Obama is planning to do in his days after he leaves office.

It might at first seem to fall into the category of “who cares?”  But the location where that moving van will unload supports some theories of Mr. Obama’s plans post-presidency. “After moving out of the White House, Obama is expected to move his family into the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington D.C. Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared, recently purchased a home in the same neighborhood, putting the new first family just two blocks away from where the Obama family is expected to live.”

And here we thought he was headed to his home in Hawaii for endless golf.

Not so fast. It has been reported that, unlike his predecessors, Mr. Obama intends to remain very active politically. He has already acquired extensive office space in Washington, and the move to a home in the vicinity only supports the notion that he is not planning on going away and offering Donald Trump the same courtesy that George W. Bush offered to him.

Well, he might stick around, but what impact he might have is subject to debate.

Nevertheless we can be encouraged by a former White House staffer’s comments: “We have one truck on the south lawn that belongs to the outgoing president and first family facing south, and the incoming truck facing north toward the White House on the east side of the south grounds.”

Mr. Obama may want to remain active in politics, but it’s unlikely he’ll get too many invitations to visit his former residence.

Source: Washington Examiner

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