With Three Weeks Left, Obama Proves There Is No Low Too Low…Drops Massive Bomb On America!

You would think that with three weeks until we finally are able to say good-bye to Obama and hello to Trump, Obama would quietly fade into the sunset and allow for a seamless transition between presidential administration.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Not. Even. Close. In the past couple of weeks, Obama has spent time vacationing in Hawaii and providing poor responses to the terror attacks that have taken so many lives. He then chastised Israel and now could be in trouble for encouraging the United Nations to pass their heinous resolution against Israel. Then yesterday, he has placed sanctions on Russia, based upon the unproven rumors that Russians had hacked into the Democratic National Party’s email system and delivered us Donald Trump.

So to add a cherry on top of all these actions, these latest numbers reveal to us that Obama will make our lives miserable for the next 21 days. So much for a lame-duck president. This truly is the scariest thing of all – an overreach of the executive branch – giving the president legislative authority that our Founding Fathers never intended.
From Washington Examiner:

President Obama‘s lame duck administration poured on thousands more new regulations in 2016 at a rate of 18 for every new law passed, according to a Friday analysis of his team’s expansion of federal authority.

While Congress passed just 211 laws, Obama’s team issued an accompanying 3,852 new federal regulations, some costing billions of dollars…

The annual “Unconstitutional Index” from Clyde Wayne Crews, CEI’s vice president for policy, said that it was much higher under Obama than under former President George W. Bush.

 The Unconstitutionality Index: Public Laws vs. Agency Rulemakings

“The multiple did tend to be higher during Obama administration. Bush’s eight years averaged 20, while Obama’s almost-eight have averaged 29,” said his report, first provided to Secrets.

His index is meant to show that it is the federal bureaucracy, not Congress, that levies the most rules.

Obama is upset simply because the American people gave him and his party a mandate two months ago that said: ENOUGH. We are done with the over-taxation and over-regulation. So naturally, he would respond in an un-presidential manner and grow the administrative state as much as he possible could before Trump takes the Oath of Office.

This chart may seem like nothing to most Americans, but the continual overreaching authority of the Executive Branch could someday ultimately make or break our Constitution. If future presidents continue the trend of making their own rules and regulations outside the authority of Congress, we could someday be headed straight into a tyranny. This is nothing to scoff at, but merely to remind us that our vote is imperative to ensure the integrity of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution remain intact.

Let’s hope Obama doesn’t do too much damage in the next three weeks, and let’s hope that Congress is able to remove most of these regulations before they can even be enforced.

The rise and growth of the administrative state had done such significant damage to our country, and let us also hope that Trump is able to work alongside Congress to lessen the administrative state’s influence on our lives by removing unnecessary rules, regulations, and taxes that are hurting every American. That is what will Make America Great Again – the allowance of the free market to run its course, the increase of job creation, and allowing more money to stay in the pockets of taxpayers that will give them further life opportunities. That is the American dream. Let’s work hard to keep it.

Source: Washington Examiner

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