Obama Spent 8 Years Destroying 1 Proud American Tradition – Look What Trump Did In Just 8 Months

Remember the disastrous moments during the Barack Hussein Obama Pajama Party Extravaganza with the Jackass Brigade?

There were so many, of course.

How about when they decided that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had to begin teaching inclusion and diversity by creating a Muslim Outreach program?

Yeah, that was magical.

Or what about the time Obama said that America would be looking at the possibility of sending someone to the Red Planet? Remember that?

It was going to be one of those very special Legacy-induction moments when people would look back at Obama as they did at Kennedy when we first went to the moon in 1969.

Except, that move was put aside when Benghazi happened and Hillary became even more of a drag on the Obama presidency than Barack himself.

Fast-forward to the campaign where then-candidate Donald Trump promised that America would once again command space and that NASA would reinvent the wheel.

He promised that they would regain the #1 position of the greatest space program the world has ever seen.

And now, he’s giving the tools to NASA to do exactly that with a push to ignite a new supersonic jet program that would revolutionize intercontinental travel!

Conservative Tribune:

“Barack Obama’s legacy of failure and excuses extended to many areas of the country, but his impact on America’s air and space programs might have been one of the worst of all.

During a presidency that left the United States mothballing the space shuttle program and relying on Russia for hitched rides to the International Space Station, there was no clear path forward for NASA.

Now, things are finally changing… and President Donald Trump might have a lot to do with it.

A new project from NASA is casting aside Obama’s questionable political goals and focusing on much more “high speed” results.

It’s called Quiet Supersonic Technology, and the proposed supersonic aircraft could completely revolutionize commercial air travel.

‘It currently takes a commerical airliner more than eight hours to fly from London to New York,’ explained the United Kingdom’s Daily Star, comparing the new effort to the supersonic Concorde jets that were discontinued in 2003.

‘A ‘new Concorde’ with a top speed of 2,179 mph would cut that time in half to around three hours and 30 minutes.’

No, that number isn’t a typo: That’s over 2,000 mph, or over four times faster than many airliners currently fly.”


We live in a very exciting time. The job market is rebounding…finally.

Unemployment is way down, GDP has tipped over 3% for the first time in a decade, food stamp and government assistance recipients are on the rapid decline with the reintroduction of work requirements that Obama did away with, and construction for new housing is up as well.

With all the investment in American workers and warehouses, factories, and clinics, it won’t be long before America is riding high in the saddle again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get the whole Mars Program back on its feet? I’m loving this!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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