WOW! Trump Scores WHOPPING Victory…Welfare Recipients Retreating In Defeat!

When it comes to inventing vote-buying schemes you’ve got to hand it to the liberals, they have a genius for coming up with innovative ways of securing votes. The illegal immigration craze is really just a way of pouring likely Democratic voters into the country. Note that this open borders policy also tends to be coupled with free healthcare as well as scant verification that all persons voting truly are entitled to vote.

What was encouraging to learn was that none of these efforts to buy votes were enough to result in a Hillary Clinton victory. That’s not to say the efforts had no effect – they probably poured plenty of extra voters into places like California, New York, and Chicago, Illinois. It’s just that those states were already sure to go for Clinton, so the extra votes there made no difference due to our Electoral College system.  Also encouraging is news that some of these liberal vote-buying programs are about to get the axe.

One of the more bizarre vote-buying efforts by the Obama administration was what became known as ObamaPhones. It was a new twist on a government program that has been in place for 80 years. Actually, “[t]he ObamaPhone program comes from legislation that was originally passed in the 1930’s that would ensure that rural Americans had access to telephones. You probably won’t be shocked to find out that Barack Obama and the Democrats twisted this program into a way to buy votes.”

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How in the world does a program designed to get telephone service to rural Americans during the Great Depression get turned into a vote-buying scheme for primarily urban residents eighty years later? Here’s a brief outline of the scam: “The program was regulated by the FCC and was wracked with fraud. Commissioner Pai testified before the Congress about how the program was allowing telephone companies to pocket tens of millions of dollars by enrolling fake users in the ObamaPhone program. During most of Obama’s term, Commissioner Pai was the lone Republican on the FCC. Democrats used the scheme to buy votes.”

It gets weirder. While recipients of ObamaPhones had to show a photo ID to get their phone, we are aware that not all persons had to show a photo ID to vote. Note that these policies and practices came from Democratic politicians and activists. Interesting to see how that works once the pieces are put together.

Yet the story does have a happy ending as the program is about to get downsized as follows: “Commissioner Pai and the Republican Congress aren’t going to end the ObamaPhone program; they’re just going to cut it for $2.25 billion to $1.5 million.” If my math is correct, a reduction from $2.25 billion to $1.5 million is around a 99% budget cut.

Now that’s the size of cut that a fiscal conservative can love.

Source: Joe for America

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