REVEALED: Obama Obliterated By Top Senate Democrat…Delivers Deathblow To Obamacare Rally!

Mr. Obama claimed during his 2008 presidential campaign that the passage of comprehensive national health care legislation would be a priority for his administration. He certainly fulfilled that campaign promise with the help of then Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid.

That the monstrosity that was created is entirely owned by the Democrats turned out to be a gift to the Republican Party. Republicans bear no responsibility for the failure that is called Obamacare because they were completely shut out of the process of crafting this legislation. Hence, that made it easy for Republicans to campaign against it this year.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has decried the lack of bipartisanship in the crafting of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. (Perhaps he just wishes there were some Republicans to share the blame for this fiasco.) In a recent interview he made a couple of surprising remarks, including a refusal to cooperate with Mr. Obama.

Before getting into Senator Machin’s interview, a word about “reaching across the aisle” is in order.

The cry in favor of bipartisanship in one to which we should respond with a healthy amount of skepticism. That there are policies on which both Republicans and Democrats can agree is great, and the degree to which members of both parties can cooperate in doing the people’s business can be a sign of healthy dialog. But bipartisanship must never be used as an excuse to compromise core principles.

With that said, let’s see where Machin is going with this.

He stated that,“he’s open to almost anything on ObamaCare, except more meetings — at least those exclusively among the faithful. Manchin ripped both Barack Obama and Mike Pence for holding caucus meetings rather than reaching out across the aisle this week, and tells Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough that he won’t attend Obama’s meeting with Senate Democrats on ObamaCare strategy. Instead, Manchin wants Senators of both parties to start talking with each other…”

His stated interest in “talking with each other” might be sincere. Or he might just like to have a bit of input into the future work of the Republican-controlled Senate, and not get shut out of deliberations like the Republicans were during the crafting of Obamacare.  Taking a swipe at Mike Pence for not meeting with Democrats is a cheap shot, since he’s not even vice-president yet, so naturally he’d want to meet with his own party first.

What about Machin’s refusal to attend the meeting Obama is going to have with Senate Democrats to map out a plan to salvage Obamacare? He could be sincere. Or he could just be trying to drag the Republicans into a position where they become part of the Obamacare mess. Or it could just be political grandstanding.

From the Republicans’ standpoint, being excluded from whatever Mr. Obama is trying to concoct with his fellow Democrats to save a part of his legacy is probably another gift in disguise.

Source: Hot Air

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