Obama Destroyed As New Spy Scandal Evidence Explodes Over America! Even Democrats Are Furious!

It has become increasingly clear that Donald Trump’s team was a target of government surveillance ordered by the Obama administration.

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What is now coming to light is that he was far from the first such person spied on.

It turns out that Mr. Obama had made it something of a regular practice of conducting surveillance activities on potential opponents to his policies. And this was not restricted to those of the Republican party. Democrats who were unwilling to following Obama’s policies were the target of spying as well.

So to put the matter rather bluntly, Mr. Trump was the last target of surveillance by Mr. Obama, not the first. And certainly not the only one. This practice went back years.

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Call it paranoia or just gathering information on one’s opponents, Mr. Obama was deeply into this. If you were not going to toe his line, you became a prospect for a bit of intelligence gathering. One such subject was then-Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

As National Review reports, “True to his anti-war leanings, Kucinich was a staunch opponent of Obama’s unauthorized war against the Qaddafi regime.”

In fact, he took matters even further. “Kucinich’s very public efforts included trying to broker negotiations between the administration and the Qaddafi regime, to whom the White House was turning a deaf ear.”

At some point in the process, Mr. Kucinich became the target of surveillance. “It was in that context that he took a call in his Washington office from Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, the ruler’s son and confidant. Four years later, as he recalled in a recent opinion piece, Kucinich learned that the call had been recorded and leaked to the Washington Times.”
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We’ve already seen evidence demonstrating that Obama’s spying activities included Trump associates. It’s also highly likely that these activities included numerous foreign leaders as well.

The former lawmaker believes the monitoring of his communication and the subsequent leak are the work of American intelligence agents.

So while Mr. Trump might have been the last person to be subjected to surveillance by the Obama regime, he was far from the only one. And this matter went further than just the gathering of intelligence.

“There were, moreover, leaks of classified information to the media — particularly in the case of Trump’s original national-security adviser, Michael Flynn, whose telephone communications with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. were unlawfully disclosed to the Washington Post.”

So what we have is not an isolated instance of this practice. Instead, this abuse of power was endemic to Mr. Obama’s administration. Hence, we have more proof that his assurances that he would lead a highly ethical and transparent administration were just empty promises, discarded as soon as convenient.

Source: National Review

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