STUNNING: Obama Makes Shocking Military Move…This Abuse Of Power Is Sick!

We’ve learned to be very suspicious of what passes for news. Those mainstream media sources that purport to be the proper arbiters of what should be reported often get it wrong, sometimes deliberately. They can also be found to be massaging the story in order to make it fit a leftist agenda. We’re not trying to be nasty here – it’s just a statement of fact. A good rule would be to trust news sources at your own peril.

Sometimes we run across a story that we can tell is highly suspect. Other times we’re not so sure. What can be disconcerting is to discover a story on a respected news site that seems so outrageous that it must be false. Then, on closer examination, we discover that it’s really true, and that the world might be even weirder than we originally assumed.

Such a reaction is understandable when recently looking over the stories on Allen West’s news and opinion site. We have great respect for this man, so when we read that the Army wishes to start using bullets that plant flowers for practice ammunition, a double-take was in order. Is this some kind of joke?

No, it’s not a joke, although it should be. This is just one more weirdo idea emanating from the Obama administration. Explains Fox News, “The U.S. Army gets through a lot of ammunition thanks to the amount of training it carries out. But that ammunition doesn’t come without waste which slowly degrades over hundreds of years polluting whatever ground (and nearby water sources) it happens to fall upon.”

Keep in mind that we’re talking about military practice ranges, not public parks. Nobody plans to build houses or raise crops on a military practice range for obvious reasons. So who cares about what happens to these areas that are a microscopically small percentage of the US land mass?

Fox continues: “So the Department of Defense (DoD) decided to do something about it, and is requesting environmentally friendly ammunition for use during training exercises. The request was made via the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Specifically, the DoD wants ‘biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialized seeds to grow environmentally beneficial plants that eliminate ammunition debris and contaminants.’”

This story is no joke, although it should be. Of all the problems that the American people and the incoming administration must face, ecological damage to military practice ranges is not even on the radar as West points out: “I do hope that the incoming Secretary of the Army, Vincent Viola, ends this nonsense. I’ve seen the Army go through the restrictions of the desert tortoise, red cockheaded woodpecker, and other ‘environmental concerns.’ Now, don’t get me wrong, I love taking care of the environment, but gimme a break, who is concerned about the range and impact areas? The purpose of the impact zone or area is for the military to freely fire into these areas in order to train and fight as they will when deployed.”

The other point is that the weight of the “environmentally safe” ammo will no doubt be different from that of the real thing. Hence the ballistics calculations will be different. Hence soldiers will be practicing with ammunition that behaves differently from the real thing. Hence their level of preparation for battle will be reduced.

This really isn’t hard to reason out, is it? Only a government bureaucrat with way too much time on his or her hands could come up with such a screwy, and ultimately, dangerous idea.

Source: Allen B. West

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