After Days Of Swirling Wiretapping Rumors, Barack Obama Drops Shocking Admission!

Mr. Obama promised a lot, asked us to believe a lot, and delivered very little. This in part explains his attacks on President Trump. As the president dismantles Obama’s failed programs, Obama looks even worse. While there are those who claim that President Trump has an enormous ego, Mr. Obama has no shortage of narcissistic tendencies.

So we see Mr. Obama pointing the finger at his successor and his successor’s staff in a sad attempt to make himself look better by comparison. Accusations fly. And it’s rather clear that Obama used his last two months in office to set up “landmines” that would detonate, thereby making President Trump look bad, or at least cause him enormous amounts of trouble. Such is the pettiness of the character of the past president.

He claims he did not order any wiretapping. But did he know about and wink at those who did order it? That would be his style.

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The plot thickens: “While Valerie Jarrett said he never ordered it, case closed, Obama’s former speechwriter gave a more nuanced answer: ‘I’d be careful about reporting that Obama said there was no wiretapping. Statement just said that neither he nor the WH ordered it. — Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) March 4, 2017′”

Note that this is from an Obama speechwriter suggesting not that Obama didn’t know about the wiretaps, just that he did not order them. This is lawyer-speak even if coming from a non-attorney. Perhaps he did not issue the order, but “approved” it. Or maybe he was aware of it and simply chose not to stop it.

However, Donald Trump is not one to just sit back and accept the attacks without a response. If this point has to be explained to Mr. Obama, he has been living in another world. President Trump just defeated the Clinton Criminal Political machine, no simple task. So if Obama thinks President Trump will just lie down as Obama and his apparatchiks steamroller him, he is deluded. The burgeoning wiretapping scandal illustrates that.

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One characteristic of Mr. Obama is that he won’t take responsibility for results unless they are positive. Again, this is a very flawed character with whom we are dealing.

For example:

  • “He was a spectator in his own Administration. Eight years in office, and with every scandal he only learns about it through the news.
  • “Everything is someone else’s fault.
  • “Somehow, Obama had ‘no knowledge’ that IRS was targeting Conservative groups.
  • “Somehow Obama had ‘no knowledge’ of Fast & Furious.
  • “Somehow, Obama had no knowledge of a LOT of things.
  • “And everything else was either Dubya’s fault or the Republicans’ fault.”

It takes an awful lot to believe all that, doesn’t it? Well, for some, maybe not – all you need to do is be a confirmed liberal.


It will be interesting to see how Mr. Obama tries to maneuver out of this one. Job openings for attorneys working for Mr. Obama and Valarie Jarrett will not doubt be plentiful in the years ahead.

Source: Clash Daily

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