Exposed: Obama’s Legacy Just Took A Massive Hit…Facts Tell Awful Truth About Economy!

Sometimes you’d better think carefully about what requests you are making. You might not like the results you get. In fact, the results could make you look like a fool, or perhaps a liar or worse. If that happens, and you’re a president about to leave office who is desperate to find a legacy, for example, it can be a disaster.

With a bit over two weeks to go in his presidency, Mr. Obama has been a man in search of a legacy – and it’s not been going so well. Neither his foreign policy nor health care initiatives have been particularly successful. Race relations, tragically, have actually gotten worse under his leadership. That you have to work so hard to find a bright spot in this man’s tenure as president is a huge statement itself.

So, let’s see if his record on jobs can be something on which to build his legacy. He recently told people to fact check his record on jobs. If he’s making such a bold statement, surely there is something at the end of this investigation of which he can be proud? Maybe not. The results of fact checking don’t look good.

Prompted by the observations that Donald Trump is saving or creating jobs before he even becomes president, White House press secretary Josh Earnest stated that, “There were 805,000 manufacturing jobs that weren’t just protected or saved, but actually created while President Obama was in office.”

Time for some fact checking: “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States stood at 12.561 million in January 2009, when Obama became president. As of November, according to preliminary estimates, there were 12.26 million manufacturing jobs. That’s a loss of 300,000 manufacturing jobs.”

So what gives? Where did the White House’s 805,000 number come from? After all, claiming a gain of 805,000 manufacturing jobs when the real number is a loss of 300,000 is a rather significant discrepancy.

It turns out that, “Earnest is counting from when the low point in U.S. manufacturing was reached in February 2010, when there were just 11.453 million manufacturing jobs in the country. That was about 1.1 million fewer than when Obama took office…”

So in arriving at his figure, Mr. Earnest just picked the point during Obama’s administration at which manufacturing jobs were the lowest rather than measuring from the date he took office.

Yes, Mr. President, you are correct. It is important to fact check these statements that politicians such as you and your staff make. One thing. You might want to do it first yourself lest you demonstrate that you are lying.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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