You Won’t Believe What We Just Exposed! Obama’s ISIS Skeleton Has Just Popped Out Of The Closet!

President Obama has so many skeletons in his closet that the rattling of bones is starting to get the attention of the American public, as more information about another one of his dirty little scandals surfaces.

This one could be the worst, however.

An American woman who was an FBI interpreter with a high-security clearance and married to a US soldier was sentenced to only two years in prison after she defected, flew to Turkey, and married one of the most violent jihadi terrorists in Syria. This has all been kept hidden from the public by former President Obama.

FBI agent Daniela Greene was assigned the case on Denis Cuspert, a German terrorist who was considered one of the most brutal jihadis and an ISIS sympathizer, who has vowed to kill all Americans. After being assigned to the case to investigate Cuspert, Greene defected, married him instead, and the whole thing was covered up by President Obama.

Via Mad World News:

Daniela Greene was an FBI interpreter with top security clearance back in 2014 when she was assigned a huge case on a German terrorist known as “Individual A,” who was later identified as Denis Cuspert. He was known as one of the most brutal jihadis and made videos holding up severed heads while vowing to kill all Americans.

“He was considered one of the most violent operatives in Syria, including singing songs of praise to Osama bin Laden, threatening infidels with a throat cutting gesture, and holding a bloody head in a recruiting video,” reports  Daily Mail.

Daniela Greene, who was born in Czechoslovakia and raised in Germany, moved to the US as a young adult after marrying an American soldier. She should have been highly vetted to be entrusted with one of the most wanted jihadis, so when she shockingly duped the FBI and fled to marry Cuspert, it was covered up by the Obama administration.

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The irony of the story is Daniela Greene realized she’d made a terrible mistake and escaped Syria only to be arrested:

By July [2014], she was panicking, wanting to come back. She wrote in an email to a friend, “I was weak and didn’t know how to handle anything anymore. I really made a mess of things this time. I am gone and I can’t come back. I wouldn’t even know how to make it through if I tried to come back. I am in a very harsh environment and I don’t know how long I will last here, but it doesn’t matter, it’s all a little too late.”

Meanwhile, her new jihadi husband was seen on video beating a corpse with a sandal. Greene realized that since she turned over to ISIS whatever top secret information she possessed, now they didn’t need her anymore. In August, she somehow made it out of Syria, and she was immediately arrested.

“She pleaded guilty to making false statements involving international terrorism in December 2014 and was released from prison in August 2016 after serving a surprising two-year sentence,” New York Post reports.

Daniela Greene, now free & working as a hostess in a hotel bar (left), Denis Cuspert was a rapper before joining ISIS (right)

The case of Daniela Greene was kept secret by President Obama, because it was an embarrassment which could have incriminated him and many of his cronies, like FBI Director Comey, that are now part of his deep state operation working to sabotage the Trump presidency.

What Greene did and Obama covered up bordered on treason, and the 13-year sentence she should have received would have been the lightest sentence allowed for such a crime.

Clearly, Barack Obama was and is now working to destroy the American way and if justice were really being served, he would be receiving a big healthy dose of it from behind bars for the next 50 years!

Source: Mad World News

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