Obama Immigration Scandal Rocks Washington, See How He Protected 200,000 Illegals From Deportation

When the administration of Barack Hussein Obama announced that it was very effective on the enforcement of the border, deportation, and cracking down on illegal criminal activity, most on the Left pointed to that statement, nodding, smirking and saying, “See, see! We told you! He does care about this issue!” Of course on the other side of the aisle, there was a marked different reaction where you could find eye-rolling and a resounding, “Okay, I’m so sure…”

The vast chasm of difference in opinion between the two sides was due to the fact that the Left had been suffering at the hands of the American public in the voting booths. Many Americans didn’t believe that we ought to be ignoring the problem. On the Right, although much of the Establishment rode the same horse as the Liberals, the Right-wing base believed that Obama was purposefully ignoring the problem, hoping it would go away.

As it turns out, a new report by a statistics investigatory group reveals that the Obama administration not only lied about its success in battling illegal alien incursion into the United States, but ACTIVELY worked toward stymieing said enforcement by placing the caseloads of illegal prosecutions on the shelf and allowing them to languish without justification or action!

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Conservative Tribune:

It was fairly common knowledge that former President Barack Obama and his administration held a rather dim view on enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, but a set of new reports and analysis has offered some incredibly revealing numbers to support just how bad it was.

At the request of Congress, the Government Accountability Office issued a lengthy report in June detailing the massive backlog of deportation cases awaiting adjudication in our nation’s immigration courts, estimated at well over 400,000 cases pending as of the start of 2015, a number likely much closer to 600,000 by now.

That…report revealed that the number of immigration cases that had been administratively closed over the past several years — at least 100,000, but possibly as many as 200,000 — had grown significantly due to Obama administration policies, such as the warped view of “prosecutorial discretion” or the de-prioritization of certain classes of illegal immigrants.

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“The good news,” Arthur wrote in his report, “is that the Trump administration has reversed the practice of administrative closure of cases that are not a priority, and has effectively eliminated prioritization as well, returning ‘prosecutorial discretion’ to its proper role as a law-enforcement tool to be used on a case-by-case basis, not a blanket abdication of authority.”

This information strongly refutes the laughable claims put forward by some that Obama was serious about deporting illegal immigrants, and proves instead that he had little interest in actually enforcing laws he didn’t like, all while helping to flood the country with hundreds of thousands of low-skilled immigrants with little or no knowledge of the English language or American customs — people who are ultimately a burden on taxpayers by receiving the benefits of hospitals, schools, and government handouts of all sorts.

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When it comes to illegal aliens being in the country, many believe that they have a right to be here because it is a free nation. What many on the Left and advocates of illegals fail to take into account are the thousands of those waiting to be admitted LEGALLY, who have paid all the fees, done all the paperwork, and have been vouched for by sponsor families who assure the government that these folks won’t be a burden on society and will, in fact, be working and able-bodied.

That is the chief component of the argument against illegals. Not only are they jumping the line, they are coming to this country specifically to get on the welfare rolls, to gain assistance from our taxpayers and to gain free healthcare and education. Not to mention the fact that they are stealing identities of legal citizens by using their Social Security Numbers. This is a huge problem and should be treated as what it is: A FELONY.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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