You’ll Never Guess How Barack Obama’s Home State Gave Him The Shock Of His Life! He Didn’t See THIS Coming!

Recall the controversy over renaming an airport in D.C. in honor of President Ronald Reagan? The Democrats objected, of course, but in the end the job got accomplished. After all, there’s an airport named after JFK, and all sorts of government buildings and structures are named after famous Americans. So getting something named after a former president should be a breeze.

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No doubt former President Obama would love for monuments to be named after him. What he lacked in accomplishments he clearly made up for in vanity and egotism. His supporters are certainly entitled to speak of his magnificent presidency and all the hope he brought not only to the American people, but to the world. After all, everyone engages in a bit of self-delusion now and then. Except, perhaps, the state legislators in Illinois.

You would think that Illinois would be able to manage to pass a bill honoring Mr. Obama. After all, he not only served the state as a senator, but also the nation as president. And Illinois is anything but a Republican Party bastion. So what’s the problem?

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It’s been reported that an attempt was made in the Illinois legislature to create a state holiday in honor of the former president. “Sponsored by Chicago Democratic Rep. Sonya Harper, she explained, ‘President Barack Obama, he did great work for the state of Illinois and our country, and I believe we need to do our part in preserving that history.'”

Unfortunately for Ms. Harper and Mr. Obama, her proposal flopped, “when the Democrats could only muster up 54 votes — six votes short of what was needed. In the end, Obama’s home state of Illinois decided against making the former president’s birthday a state holiday.”

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That’s a rather amazing result when you consider that the state involved supported him both times he ran for president. For some reason, the legislators from Illinois are not ready for a “President Obama State Holiday.”

So, for now, Mr. Obama is going to have to satisfied with some streets named after him or perhaps a school or two. Just in case he has his sights set even higher, if Illinois is not ready to take a day off to honor Mr. Obama, we can be pretty sure the nation isn’t, either.

Source: Mad World News

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