DISGUSTING! Obama Goes Off The Deep End! Makes Delusional Remark: “Race Relations Have…” [WATCH]

After the 2008 presidential election and Barack Obama was inaugurated, the country as a whole was filled with excitement and anticipation of the new era that had dawned in America where an African-American man could be elected to the top political office in the land.

Hopes and expectations were high until we realized just what the phrase “Hope and Change” meant in the mind of this man. President Obama has attempted to educated us during these past eight years that Americans are unable to build their own businesses, find and purchase their own health care (if they want it), and care for our own children.

We have been accustomed to enduring his long list of accolades these past few weeks, such as economic growth, defense, among others, but this latest statement is quite the shocker.

From Joe For America:

You’ve probably been following the hate crimes in Chicago where four black teenagers kidnapped a mentally challenged white man and spent 48 hours in a racist, hate filled rant, torturing him.

President Obama is back at the White House, resting up from his Hawaiian vacation and couldn’t be reached for comment. His pathetic mouthpiece, Josh Ernest, told reporters that he’s confident “Obama would be angered by the images that are depicted on that video.” Really Josh?

Megyn Kelly did manage to get a comment out of the president.

President Obama told her “I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better…”

Apparently, President Obama lives in a fantasy world of his own creation where all of his aspirations are instantly gratified simply by him wishing it to be so because the real world is definitely not as he describes it.

Barack Obama’s ego seems to operate under three rules:

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil because when it comes to black on white crime, Obama is oblivious AND he seems to be oblivious to most other crimes committed by black thugs on anybody! because now it’s not politically correct to recognize racially motivated HATE CRIMES committed by anyone of color.

And yet Mr. Obama has the gall to say race relations in America have gotten better because of his presidency! PATENTLY RIDICULOUS!

Source: Joe For America

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