President Trump Is Furious Over What Obama Gave 140,000 Illegals Before Leaving Office

Most Conservatives are familiar with former President Obama’s penchant for skirting, bending, and outright ignoring federal laws that he wanted to get around. Indeed, he routinely ignored immigration laws and facilitated the invasion of America by scores of unvetted foreigners from just about every country on the planet.

One of Obama’s favorite programs was the U-visa program, created by the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act, to protect illegal aliens from deportation if they promised to testify in court as witnesses to, or victims of crimes.

The program originally set the limit of U-visas at 10,000 per year, but Obama’s lax way of regulating it has facilitated its abuse by allowing 140,000 illegals to stay in the US protected by these specific visas. The real end game is to fast-track illegals for citizenship under the program.

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From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama’s deputies hugely expanded a little-known “crime visa” program to help roughly 140,000 illegal aliens obtain amnesty and U.S. citizenship.

 The U visa program was created by the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act within the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. It offers visas and eventually citizenship to illegal aliens who testify in court against criminals.

Supposedly, the program was limited to 10,000 visas per year. But Obama’s lax regulations encouraged a huge number of illegals to file for U visas — and also allowed many illegals to get residency and work permits years before they receive the actual U visa.

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This year, Democratic officials are still trying to use the “U visa” program to help illegal aliens dodge President Donald Trump’s policy of enforcing immigration law. For example, a Texas sheriff is encouraging illegals in Travis County to file for U visas so judges can block their enforced return home.


The way this program was administered under President Obama paved the way for abuse of the US immigration system and has created a massive problem for President Trump to sort out. To say that he is upset would be an understatement, as he has every right to be.

Knowing that Obama is a communist, raised and mentored by communists, it is logical to assume he intentionally flooded America with illegals to swell the welfare system in order to collapse the economy. The next step, of course, is violent student demonstrations which we are already beginning to see.

President Trump is, indeed, going to have his hands full for a long time to come trying to salvage what Obama has tried to destroy! America itself!

Source: Breitbart

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