Look What We Just Discovered! Obama Gave Terrorist Group…

It would seem that in his formative days, Mr. Obama learned about more than just community organizing while active in Chicago. Perhaps money laundering and racketeering were in the curriculum that this budding leader studied. If so, he put that knowledge to aggressive use during his tenure as president.

His days as a radical in Chicago simply morphed into a similar role as president. Just the clothes he wore, the address at which he lived, and the level of power he possessed changed. His almost forgotten term as a senator was just a bridge between the two similar and corrupt careers.

His desire to fund communist groups was made manifest as president with his funneling of millions of dollars to the Colombian terrorist group FARC, all to the detriment of the people of Colombia.

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“In February 2016, then-President Barack Obama announced a plan to increase U.S. aid to Colombia to at least $450 million in 2017 in order to help the Colombian government overcome the Marxist-inspired Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, also known as FARC.

“However, under the terms of Colombia’s attempt to appease the rebels ravaging their country, the U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization would actually benefit from the massive funding, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

“In fact, the deal would include direct distributions to FARC members, as well as government grants of millions of acres of prime agricultural land, according to Monica Crowley in an opinion piece to the New York Post.”

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This is classic Obama duplicity. In addition, it bears such a close resemblance to something one of the Clintons might pull off, that he should have received some sort of award from America’s First Couple of Corruption.

This is a serious situation in Colombia, and is yet one more mess created by Mr. Obama that has been left to President Trump to deal with.

“FARC terrorists have financed their operations by producing and exporting cocaine and heroin to other countries, including the United States, for more than 50 years. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people these rebels have murdered in their quest to control the country.

“Former Colombian Presidents Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana met with President Donald Trump in April at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to discuss the grim situation and the nearly half-a-million dollars Obama promised.”

“Both Uribe and Pastrana had tried to arrange a peace agreement with FARC during their respective periods in office, but they were both unsuccessful. In an attempt to not follow in their footsteps, current Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos brokered a deal — which included the financial pledge from the U.S. — with the rebels, but its consequences would prove detrimental to the country in the long run.”

This is an awful situation with no good solution. But what can be drawn from it is one more piece of evidence to prove that you cannot negotiate with terrorists. As has been said before, all you are doing when you engage in that strategy is feeding the monster with the hope that he will eat you last.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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