You Won’t Believe Where Obama Funneled His Slush Funds! He’s Busted For Sending Cash To…WHOA!

When someone has a bitter dislike for the United States and what it stands for, as is the case with Barack Obama, it comes as no surprise that he would use the office of president to subvert justice, ignore Congress, and funnel money to organizations that more closely fit his Marxist agenda. These are not exaggerations, but rather taken together, they are a set of facts that are being exposed now that he is out of office.

The pubic interest law firm, Judicial Watch, has performed outstanding service to our country in rooting out and exposing corruption. Their motto which states that no one is above the law should be cast as bronze plaques and sent to miscreants such as Mr. Obama and the Clintons.

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Judicial Watch is revealing that one way Mr. Obama subverted justice and Congress in pressing his own agenda, was to establish a slush fund to take fines acquired through judicial settlements and funnel that money to far left groups such as La Raza, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Operation Hope, and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.

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“An Obama administration policy that funneled donations to left-leaning groups as part of settlements reached by the Department of Justice is the subject of a lawsuit by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, the non-profit group announced Monday.

“‘Judicial Watch announced today that it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice for records relating to an Obama administration policy of settling agency lawsuits against corporate defendants by requiring that the corporations make “donations” to left-wing interest groups La Raza, the Urban League and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition,’ the group said in a statement.

“Judicial Watch submitted its FOIA request in the aftermath of an extensive investigation by the House Judiciary and Financial Services Committee that found the Obama Department of Justice had ‘engaged in a pattern or practice of systematically subverting Congress’ budget authority by using settlements from financial institutions to funnel money to left-wing activist groups.”

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Here’s an example of how Mr. Obama’s nefarious plan worked:

“While the policy was officially ended last week by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, questions remain about the groups that received money from settlements. According to Investors Business Daily, in just one $17 billion settlement with Bank of America, the Obama administration funneled money to:

  • La Raza: A far-left Latino organization which is known for pressuring banks to give loans to low-income Hispanics.
  • National Community Reinvestment Coalition: One of the top lobbying groups supporting the Community Reinvestment Act, a 1977 piece of legislation that’s a favorite of the left.
  • Operation Hope: A group from South Central in Los Angeles, it pressures banks to give “dignity loans” to individuals who would otherwise not qualify.
  • Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America: A group whose leader called himself a “bank terrorist,” something that’s apparently a lot more acceptable since the days of Patty Hearst.

The idea of financial penalties being imposed on those who are found to have violated the law is to deter such acts, punish the wrongdoers, and make the victims whole to the degree possible.

Mr. Obama, in his arrogance and hubris, concluded that his desire to fund left-wing groups that he could not get Congress to fund, superseded these needs as he had funds redirected to such groups. Groups which had no reason to be recipients of any of this money.

The reason Mr. Obama is upset about his legacy going down the drain is because his successor and his successor’s administration have been unwilling to continue the unethical and illegal programs Mr. Obama implemented. Or, to put it another way, there was nothing created during Mr. Obama’s tenure that is worth saving.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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