It’s Official: Taxpayers Outraged As Obama Demanded Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars For…

Mr. Obama’s highly vaunted Iranian “deal” was not a deal at all, but rather a sellout of our nation to those who are no doubt laughing at the foolishness of the president who supposedly negotiated it.

These are not minor issues. Helping a nation develop its nuclear program that chants “Death to America” and might even mean it borders on treason. But that is what has happened.

In fact, it is worse. Mr. Obama not only released dangerous terrorists held in America to the Iranian regime as part of the deal, but also released hundreds of millions of dollars for the Iranians to use for whatever purposes they wish.

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It really is difficult to see what America gained as part of Mr. Obama’s deal with Iran. The reason it was not a deal but a gift, a sellout, to the Mullahs.

For one thing, the Iranians accomplished the release of seven terrorists held in America. What do we know about these individuals?

“According to Politico, three of the men were caught trying to help Hezbollah, Iran’s terrorist organization arm. A fourth man was charged with trying to buy thousands of assault rifles that he intended to ship to Iran. Another man, Amin Ravan, was being held for smuggling and was accused of being part of a network which helped terrorists obtain materials to build IED’s used to kill American troops in Iraq.”

So Obama released to the Iranians terrorists who are at least indirectly responsible for the deaths of Americans and who can now continue with those pursuits.

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As if this isn’t enough, Obama gave away millions to help fund these nefarious activities.

“The nuclear Iran deal was a farce. In addition to the ridiculous crap Obama agreed to, he gave Iran back seven very dangerous men and hundreds of millions of dollars. This wasn’t a deal at all, it was a giveaway funded by U.S. taxpayers.”

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Of course it wasn’t a deal. It was a giveaway that betrayed the American people in order to advance Mr. Obama’s agenda. Mr. Obama needs to be called to answer for his crimes to this country.

Source: Mad World News

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