You Won’t Believe What Happened! Obama’s ‘Deep State’ Regime Just Defied Trump By…

President Trump is on his way in “draining the swamp,” since there clearly are Obama holdovers who are intent on obstructing the president.

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Some trouble-makers may well be career civil servants who he cannot fire. But anyone appointed by Obama who can be fired by Trump, should be fired by Trump. These people are loyal to Mr. Obama, and are no doubt infuriated that Hillary lost. Hence Mr. Trump has subordinates who are working at cross-purposes to his objectives. That should not be allowed.

The latest example of this happened in the Department of Labor as President Trump gave an order to delay implementation of an Obama rule. In response, officials from the department declined to follow the president’s order and continued the implementation anyway. In other words, they told the president to go take a hike.

For a man who is known for the phrase, “you’re fired,” President Trump may need to start using it more often.

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The Department of Labor is a great place to start. As the Wall Street Journal reports: “…the President asked Labor to investigate whether the [fiduciary] rule [implemented under Obama] is  likely to reduce access to retirement-savings vehicles or related financial advice, whether the rule has caused disruptions in the industry that may harm retirees and investors, and whether it will lead to more lawsuits. If a review determines any of these things had happened, the department is to propose revising or abolishing the rule.”

This sounds like a perfectly reasonable request. Labor officials should give the president an accurate an timely analysis. But they didn’t. “Last week the holdovers from the Obama Administration announced that ‘the Department has concluded it would be inappropriate to broadly delay application of the fiduciary definition and Impartial Conduct Standards.’ Translation: We don’t care what an elected President says.”

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Labor’s idea here is to “run out the clock” while the rule is litigated in court so that by the time they get around to possibly revising the rule, it’s really too late.

Mr. President, you were not elected to put up with sabotage from Obama leftovers. Fire them.

Source: Red State

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