Unbelievable! Obama Betrays His Own And Does The Unthinkable: Takes Credit For Trump Plans To…

Forgive us for not trusting what Mr. Obama says. That he’s not an unwavering supporter of the truth was partly revealed by his appointing Hillary Clinton to his cabinet. You don’t hire Hillary with the expectation that she will tell the truth and raise the standards of integrity. While Mr. Obama may not have achieved the level of corruption that Hillary has, we do recommend reviewing his statements with from a skeptical viewpoint.

Recently he was interviewed by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. The topic was Obamacare and what a Trump administration and a Republican Congress might do with the highly unpopular program. Given Mr. Stephanopoulos’ connections to Democratic politicians and Bill Clinton’s administration in particular, Obama was on friendly turf.

During this interview, Mr. Obama made some rather surprising remarks – some that seemed almost magnanimous. Recalling our admonition to filter what he says through a lens of skepticism, we’re not ready to accept that his remarks represent his unvarnished beliefs. However, they are very interesting to consider.

Clearly the debate over what’s to be done with Obamacare is huge. It ranks up there in importance and its ability to generate controversy with Mr. Trump’s immigration plans. Since Mr. Obama was an originator of this health care program that is known informally by his name, what he has to say going forward actually is worth a listen.

Our ears perked up when Obama, in his interview, said, “If in fact the Republicans make some modifications, some of which I may have been seeking previously, but they wouldn’t cooperate because they didn’t want to make the system work, and re-label it as TrumpCare, I’m fine with that.”

“Re-label it as TrumpCare?” Be careful of that one. It could be that deep-down Mr. Obama knows this monstrosity will never work right, and perhaps he just wants to get his name off the fiasco in an effort to rid his legacy of some unpleasant baggage.

Another astonishing comment he made was that, “[H]e would support Republicans if they could ‘come up with a system that insures more people cheaper, better.’” You can take that one where you wish, but it doesn’t sound like typical Obama. That said, he does betray his arrogance when he said he would support these changes. Does it really matter what Obama is willing to support or oppose once January 20 gets here?

So when a Fox News report, “[N]oted that Obama said that the changes Republicans were seeking to make to Obamacare were changes he would have liked to have made,” we recommend not taking that at face value.

Here’s an alternative interpretation that we prefer. Perhaps what he’s trying to do is to apply an old saying to what he sees as the inevitable modification or repeal of Obamacare: When you’re getting run out of town, get to the front and act like you are leading a parade.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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