Obama Beat Trump? Americans Deliver Barack A Truth Bomb…And It Blows Up In His Face!

Mr. Obama has an obsession with his legacy, or what’s left of it, that gets more pronounced as the days tick down until he exits the White House. His efforts have gotten so obvious, that the man is starting to look pathetic.

He attempted to delegitimize Donald Trump by claiming the Russians interfered with the election. That accusation remains unproven. He has scheduled a meeting with Senate Democrats to lay out a plan for derailing Republican efforts to scuttle Obamacare, which is not within their power to do. (And do Democrats really want to remind people that Obamacare is exclusively their program?)  He is creating problems for Mr. Trump to deal with when he arrives in the Oval Office – probably in a pitiful attempt to make himself look better by comparison.

He also made the claim that had he been allowed to run for a third term, that he would have beaten Mr. Trump. Unfortunate for Mr. Obama, that claim is in trouble, too – at least according to the results of surveys just released.

While it’s by the most narrow of margins, Trump would win, “[A]ccording to a new Morning Consult/POLITICO poll, in which 45 percent of respondents said they would prefer Trump, compared with 44 percent who prefer Obama. It’s a virtual tie because it is within the poll’s of plus or minus 2 percent margin of error.”

It’s incredibly close, admittedly, “Nevertheless, the poll is offered as some support for the proposition that Obama was wrong when he claimed he could have won reelection had he run in 2016.”

Whether the results show that Trump would win, or whether it looks like a tie, the point is that Obama cannot legitimately make the assertion that he would defeat Donald Trump. In fact, weren’t we told that Mrs. Clinton would clearly defeat Donald Trump? How did that one work out for the mainstream media?

In his frenzy to enshrine the Obama Legacy to be revered for all time, a task at which he will fail, he is missing out on the one positive thing he could do to earn at least a bit of the respect he desperately craves – retire graciously.

Source: Red State

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