You Won’t Believe What We Just Discovered! Obama And Comey Took…

Lest there be any doubt, the Obama administration spied on Mr. Trump’s team in the period leading up to his inauguration.

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The left can scream their denials and accusations of “fake news,” but the fact remains that the team of Obama and FBI Director Comey had surveillance activities conducted on Team Trump. Deal with it.

Not only did they order the surveillance, but they relied on false documents in order to get approval to conduct their nefarious plot. To be specific, the relied on a discredited “Trump Dossier” to justify their spying. Fraud piled on top of fraud.

While President Trump’s tweets on this subject might have been blunt and to the point, the truth takes a bit longer to explain. Note that this story comes from CNN, not exactly a pro-Trump organization.

James Comey, the man who refused to bring charges against Hillary Clinton despite a mountain of concrete evidence that she, and several members of her staff, knowingly violated several federal laws, apparently used the largely discredited “Trump Dossier” to help secure a FISA warrant to secretly monitor Trump’s former campaign aide, Carter Page, according to CNN.

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What we’ve got hold of here is a sitting president and his FBI director going before a FISA court with a falsified dossier in a desperate attempt to get a warrant to spy on at least one member of Trump’s team. Where is the the outrage?

Terms like “police state,” and places like the former Soviet Union come to mind. Actually, we can look much closer to home. What did President Nixon get in trouble for? Wouldn’t it be fun to walk up to Mr. Obama and tell him how much his administration reminds one of Nixon’s when it comes to election tactics?

As one delves deeper into this story another point becomes obvious:

“All of which, once again, brings into question the level of stupidity and/or pure corruption that must have been involved in this process given the shear number of people whose approval was undoubtedly required to authorize the issuance of a FISA warrant that paved the way for Comey and the Obama administration to secretly monitor the Trump campaign.”

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You wouldn’t suspect that somehow this information made its way to the Clinton campaign, would you?

Again, where are the prosecutions? Why is Comey still director of the FBI? And when will the outrage force the necessary actions?

Source: ZeroHedge

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