BREAKING: Former CIA Analyst Just Dropped Atomic Bomb On Illegal Leaks! Obama Administration Is…

In the wake of former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, and his resignation over the leaking of his intercepted phone calls with Russian officials to the media, this has caused a lot of finger pointing as to who is ultimately responsible for Flynn’s actions.

The mainstream media immediately went on the offense against President Trump. However, in looking at all of the current evidence, a new culprit may be to blame.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a former CIA analyst and retired lieutenant colonel, accused Obama officials of being “absolutely” behind the leaking of top secret information. According to an interview on the Fox Business Network, he believes Obama administration officials were responsible.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“I put this right at the feet of (former CIA Director) John Brennan and (former Director of National Intelligence) Jim Clapper, and I would even go so far as to say that the White House was directly involved before they left,” Shaffer said. He also named former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes as a possible leaker.

“Let’s be clear on this: I’ve watched this very carefully, the coverage, and when you have NBC reporting that they’ve talked to six officials who have seen the transcript, someone is basically giving away both sensitive methods, the fact that they were reading a communication that was intercepted by sensitive methods, and more importantly, that they’re saying that they saw this information, which was beyond top secret,” he continued.

“Clearly, someone had to have access to that, and that is a key issue.”

See the video of Shaffer on FOX News.

The real story in all of this is not so much about Michael Flynn as it is about the fact that someone within the former Obama administration intentionally leaked above top secret info to the media just to cause a controversy for Trump and his administration.

The leaker committed a crime worthy of a sentence in federal prison for compromising national security!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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