Guess Who Is Prepared To Blow Obamacare Into Smithereens? It’s Not Paul Ryan, It’s…!

The first attempt at replacing Obamacare, the one led by Speaker Paul Ryan, was a flop. It may even have been a deliberate effort on his part to humiliate or otherwise damage President Trump. After all, Ryan has been, at best, a reluctant supporter of the president.

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Obamacare has been rightly criticized as an unworkable program hastily put together and passed without any serious review. Recall the bizarre statement by then-Speaker Pelosi announcing that it would be necessary to pass the bill in order to find out what was in it. Right there was plenty of reason for that bill to fail. Unfortunately it became law.

As it has become clear, Obamacare is deeply flawed and will likely collapse on its own if nothing is done. Hence, it’s up to the Republicans to run with the ball now. President Trump campaigned on replacing the flawed program, and the Republicans have the majority in both houses of Congress. So there is no excuse for failure. Now some genuine conservatives, the Freedom Caucus, have gone to work and claim to be close to creating a program that will pass.

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The Freedom Caucus has taken up the job and things sound encouraging. According to The Hill, Mark Meadows of that group of Republican legislators stated that, “‘We’re very close. The biggest thing for all of us is we want to make sure we don’t just have repeal, but we have a replacement that drives down insurance premiums,’ he said. ‘It’s our encouragement to have a vote as soon as we possibly can, even perhaps before we return back to DC in 13 days.'”

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Here is real leadership in action, something stunningly absent from Speaker Ryan. Then again, perhaps Mr. Ryan is more interested in pursing a personal vendetta against the president than he is in promoting legislation to benefit the people of the nation.

Unfortunately, under Speaker Ryan, failure is just what we get. When he realized he could not get the program he championed through the house that his party clearly controls, he pulled the thing rather than being humiliated by being defeated on the floor.

This was an inexcusable lapse on the part of Ryan. The Republicans have been waiting their chance for years to repeal Obamacare. They should have had a replacement plan written and ready to go that a Republican majority could easily pass. Instead, Ryan laid an egg, and as alluded to earlier, perhaps deliberately.

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This is just one more reason to renew our call for Speaker Ryan to resign.

Source: Hot Air

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