Border Patrol Agents Forced To NOT Do Their Jobs! Who Gave These Obscene Orders?

How can this be?

We have a new president, who spent his entire campaign stating that he was going to shut down illegal immigration. One piece to that immigration puzzle was to build a wall on our southern border. Alongside that, he was going to increase border patrol security to ensure that illegals could not smuggle themselves, or anything else, to the United States.

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So why in the world are border patrol agents ordered not to patrol 40 miles of the Havre Sector Border? Because the person, or persons who gave the instructions are former President Obama’s cronies. They, like Obama, could care less about the safety of our country, and now are using deep state tactics to once again thwart President Trump.

From Breitbart:

U.S. Border Patrol agents are once again sounding the alarm about miles of border being left wide open and unsecured. Breitbart Texas exclusively obtained a document showing a Havre Sector Border Patrol manager knowingly issuing orders to leave 40 miles of border open and unpatrolled. Obama holdovers in the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency are continuing with the same careless disregard in the Trump Administration that they did under former President Obama, according to Border Patrol agents.

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Breitbart Texas has the specific order that was given to the agents signed by the Obama-holdover manager. The order demands that agents on the northern border stay within one assigned zone and are not to leave that zone to patrol other zones that the agents have historically patrolled — even though there are no agents assigned to patrol the other zones.. The Havre Sector has six Border Patrol stations and the order applies to one of these stations consisting of six zones. A total of 60 linear miles are covered by the one Border Patrol station in question, yet agents say that this only allows them to patrol 20 of the 60 miles of border.

When Breitbart Texas asked multiple Border Patrol agents about motives for the manager leaving such a vast swath of border unpatrolled, the agents felt that it was twofold; they blamed previous Obama-era policies and they also believed that widespread corruption exists within the Havre Sector’s upper-management.

Here is the letter of instruction:

President Trump knew that he would be cleaning up a lot of Barack Obama’s messes, but little did he know that the administration with which was left is causing just as many problems as Obama’s policies and regulations.

Looks like it’s time for some more swamp draining to stop this madness and bring border patrol agents back into securing our borders once again.

Source: Breitbart

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