North Korea’s Classified Nuclear Attack List Just Revealed — Guess Where Top US Targets Are Located?

In addition to the military capabilities of the United States and its allies, there is also its spy capabilities. The US satellite spy network is one of the most advanced in the world and has capabilities far beyond what is generally known to the public or even mid-level military command structure. Even very few Congressional members are privy to the techniques, methods and payloads and their delivery systems that are available at the fingertips of our Commander-In-Chief.

Sometimes, however, it’s the enemy himself who offers up information inadvertently that ends up being very helpful to our intelligence community. In the case of some very big players in the world today, we rely on both the information being leaked to our informants by people from abroad concerned with an escalation, as well as that which comes in the form of a press release.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is one of those dictators who is constantly attempting to make his country appear as if it is in an advantageous position to deal out punishing military strikes on its enemies. In this effort, the leader in Pyongyang makes a habit of releasing to the state-controlled media photographs that show him in close meetings with his military advisers and generals. In one photo not long ago in 2013, one news agency noticed that the photo leaked a bit more information than perhaps was intended!

Conservative Tribune:

North Korea launched its most capable missile test ever on July 28, where experts revealed that every state in the United States — besides Florida — is now within range of a nuclear missile from dictator Kim Jong Un.

In 2013, North Korea released a propaganda photo showing Kim holding a large document before a missile launch, which more than likely leaked their planned targets for a nuclear attack against the U.S.

Zooming in on the map provided by NK News shows the rogue countries possible targets.

  1. Hawaii, one of the closest targets for North Korea, is home to the U.S. military bases Pacific Command, which oversees all U.S. military units in the region.
  2. San Diego serves as PACOM’s home port, where a majority of the U.S. Navy ships would be deployed to respond to an attack from North Korea.
  3. Washington, D.C. is obviously the home of the commander-in-chief, who must approve of nuclear orders. This target serves as the most important reminder that the North Korean dictator is ultimately aiming to take out the U.S. president as well as our most vital military bases.
  4. Austin, Texas was the fourth city on North Korea’s possible hit list.

While North Korea has greatly improved their nuclear missile capabilities, the United States is fortunately well equipped to handle a myriad of threats.

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As the window of opportunity draws ever closer to a point of no return, the US finds itself in the unenviable position of having to make a cataclysmic decision that will impact hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions.

A first strike mentality is all fine and good, on paper. But the reality of that decision is exponentially more impactful on humanity than anything anyone can imagine. I know I pray for our military and intelligence leaders, and our president, to make the right decision and be granted the wisdom of Solomon in these dark times.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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