No-Fly Zone Just Declared! War With North Korea Imminent?

If we recall correctly, the world blundered in the first world war after an archduke who most people had never heard of was assassinated by man from a country most people knew little about. This triggered a chain of interlocking alliances, and shortly World War I was on. Three years later President Wilson sent General Black Jack Pershing and his American Expeditionary Force to Europe, and the U.S. was official involved, tipping the scale in favor of the Allies.

What a horrible waste of human lives. And rather than solving international problems, it set the stage for trouble in the Middle-East as well as for World War II. The World War I veterans are gone, and the World War II veterans are getting scarce. Could we be on the verge of creating World War III veterans? Let us fervently hope not.

Nevertheless, things are not encouraging with regard to North Korea. This is a country with an enormous conventional military, submarines, some form of nuclear weapons possibly with missiles to deliver them, and an incredibly bellicose dictator. To make matters worse, Air France just designated an expanded no-fly zone around North Korea as a North Korean missile was launched that flew close to an Air France flight.

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“Air France will expand its no-flyover zone around North Korea after concerns a recent missile test crossed a plane’s flight path.

“The airline said the move was being taken as a ‘precautionary measure’ after a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) splashed down near the route being taken by Air France flight 293 from Tokyo to Paris on July 28.”

“CNN reported this week that the Air France flight, which had 332 people on board, passed just east of where the ICBM splashed down in the sea around Japan roughly five to 10 minutes prior to the missile impacting the water.”

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Shooting down a passenger airliner by North Korea could do it. Even if the North claimed it was an accident, no one would believe the story. Such a plane could be the “archduke” WW III is waiting for.

“While the Air France jet was not in any immediate danger from the missile, analysts have raised concerns about North Korea expanding its testing range near flight paths over Japanese waters — as Pyongyang does not provide advanced warnings about its plans.

“Speaking to CNN Wednesday, US Defense Department spokesman Jeff Davis said ‘responsible nations’ should give notice before conducting missile tests, adding not doing so put planes, ships and spacecraft at risk.

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“‘Irresponsible nations fire these things off without putting out notice,’ he said.”

North Korea could not care less about being responsible. Right now they are obsessed with developing their formidable conventional military into a nuclear one, one with the ability to hit U.S. cities with nuclear armed missiles if desired. It looks like they are getting close to achieving their goal.

With the U.S., Russia, and China all with profound interests in the Korean situation, matters could escalate rapidly if North Korea either deliberately, or through incompetence, hits the Japanese mainland, blows a plane out of the sky, or sinks a naval vessel.

There are lots of “archdukes” waiting for their bullet.

Source: CNN

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