Nikki Haley Stuns North Korea And The UN Speechless, She Warns: “The North Korean Regime Will Be…”

Bring up the United Nations and controversy is on the way. Big government aficionados can’t get enough of this supra-national organization. Others see it as working to undermine national sovereignty, replacing that with the New World Order. And if its purpose is to reduce world conflicts, it’s a flop.

Nevertheless, the US is a member of the thing. And a permanent member of the Security Council with veto power along with four other victors in WWII. So we’re part of an artifact designed around a post-war world order than no longer exists. At least not in the same way as it did 70 years ago.

As long as we’re a member, we need to deal with the organization. Our ambassador to the UN is Nikki Haley. Addressing the problem of North Korea, she spoke plainly and clearly much to the astonishment of others at the meeting. She stated that if North Korea starts a war, “[t]he North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.”

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Addressing the UN Security Council in emergency session, “Haley was responding to the rogue nation’s recent launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile that many experts believe could reach anywhere in the United States.

“She addressed ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un directly.

“‘The dictator of North Korea made a decision yesterday that brings us closer to war, not farther from it,’ Haley said. ‘We have never sought war with North Korea and still today we do not seek it.'”

Having stated the fact bluntly, Haley issued a warning no one could miss.

“If North Korea’s actions lead to war, ‘make no mistake the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.'”

There are those who discount Haley’s comments, assuming they are all just bluster originating with President Trump. They make that assumption out of ignorance, and possibly at their own peril.

Kim Jong-un is a dictator who has no problems having political opponents murdered. He maintains his control over his unfortunate people by restricting the flow of information and by ruthless oppression. He threatens other nations with devastating attacks.

The question is whether he is willing to push things to point of provoking the US to action. A rational leader would not do so as it would clearly mean national suicide. Even if Kim managed to survive in a bunker, there would not be much country for him and his perpetually happy-faced generals to lead.

Hopefully Mr. Kim decides he’s got a pretty good life, and thus really ought to knock off the threats and missile tests. Or maybe some of his grinning generals will talk sense to him. If they try, let’s hope they succeed.

Source: Political Insider

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