While The Entire NFL Insults The USA, Kid Rock Sends Our Military 1 Beautiful Message

Kid Rock has been in the news lately as he has been publicly flirting with running for the Senate in Michigan.

After Trump took that Democrat stronghold from Hillary and the Leftists began to lose it on election night, it became apparent that many of these upper Democrat states were winnable for the GOP.

The big scare for the Party of the Jackass now is that, with the American people refusing to rally behind them, the Democratic Party is going to lose more and more seats.

And if patriots like Kid Rock stand up to say, “yes, I’m an American,” then so be it.

The singer/songwriter has now come out to reveal his sentiments on the ongoing NFL/National anthem scandal.

You know, the one where a bunch of spoiled brats playing a kid’s game and being paid a millionaire’s salary have decided to trash the same country that turned them into Gods.

Well, while they whine and cry and be the biggest hypocrites on earth, Kid Rock has taken a different sort of stand.

Independent Journal Review:

“On a day when many in the NFL showed resistance against President Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding protests and free speech by kneeling — or not showing up entirely — for the national anthem, Kid Rock posted a succinct message for members of the military.

The musician, whose rhetoric and apparel over the past few months have caused many to speculate whether he will indeed officially launch a bid for the Senate, has largely followed in the populist, blue-collar footsteps of Trump, and this last move is no exception.

The president targeted players in the NFL — and a few other athletes — over the weekend, condemning signs of protest during the national anthem and urging team owners to fire those who engaged in such activities. While locking arms in solidarity was acceptable, Trump tweeted, kneeling was not.

Kid Rock has repeatedly called out former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for starting the trend and, in a recent press release, wrote:

F**k ANYONE who sits or takes a knee during our national anthem!”

While I may not have used the same language, I truly understand why he would feel as though his country was under attack, particularly when this ridiculous display by these players would be met with a sword in some places in the world.

Kid Rock can continue along the path that he’s currently on and cruise to an easy victory in 2018 if he keeps up this pace and attitude.

There is nothing more enjoyable than to watch the Fake News Industrial Complex reporter activists on election night when their faces are abysmally aware that their Democrat candidate failed to make the cut!

That’s just PRICELESS.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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