Newt Gingrich Reveals Who Really Has Corrupts Ties To Russia — Calls Out Criminals By Name!

It’s interesting how Newt Gingrich has reentered the political scene since Donald Trump has announced his candidacy for president and has continued his presence since President Trump has been elected. He’s become a regular on the news shows, and has turned out to be very supportive of the new president.

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It’s good to see solid support for the president, especially with the vicious attacks over alleged Russian ties and other stories designed by the left to discredit the man. After all, he’s making good on his campaign promises, something that appears to infuriate Washington, especially those on the left. Gingrich’s support for the president is a nice counter to the nonsense spewed by alleged Republicans such as John McCain, who at some point in his career forgot the definition of loyalty.

The Russian story is getting old. The left has apparent forgotten that unless there are some new developments in the news, a story starts to die out as people, other than die-hard fanatics, lose interest. While the alleged link between Trump and the Russians will likely amount to nothing, a story the Democrats would prefer not see the light of day may be preparing to do just that.

President Trump has been very plain in his denunciation of these accusations.

Gingrich agrees. Making an appearance of Fox News, Gingrich weighed in: “‘I think in terms of the whole question of the Trump Administration it’s an absurd story,’ Gingrich told host Sandra Smith when asked if he agreed with the president.”

You can watch the part of the interview here:

He then pointed out that it’s the Democrats who need investigating:

“Stating that the Podesta brothers were involved in business dealings with the Russians, Gingrich wondered why nobody is investigating them.

‘It’s ironic that all of the real evidence of real money and real influence buying by the Russians relates to the Democrats. There’s no evidence that anybody was particularly being purchased on the Republican side.'”

Gingrich the went on to deliver a message to the Congressional committees investigating these matters: “Yet the committees, for reasons beyond my understanding, are narrowly defining what this investigation’s about. It should be about the degree to which the US is penetrated by efforts to corrupt our society and purchase influence.”

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Full video interview can be found here.

Remember, the Podesta brothers are in cahoots with the Clintons.

Should the scope of the investigations be expanded to address the question of whether there was any improper relationships or influence peddling with the Russians by any American politician or political group, the Democrats might regret every bringing the topic up in the first place.

Recall that the Clinton Foundation for one was active at this time. Given the flexible approach that group takes to the law, it almost guarantees that an investigation would reveal something that Hillary would have to immediately deny.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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