Newt Gingrich Drops A Truth Bomb On Rachel Maddow’s Fake News…Full Meltdown Ensues — BOOM!

That we have propaganda outlets that masquerade as professional news organizations has been obvious for many years. So what has changed? It’s the depth to which these mainstream media sources will go to push their liberal agenda.

The internet, combined with the Trump campaign which became the Trump presidency, have really brought the leftist bias in the mainstream press into sharp focus. The internet broke their monopoly on news gathering and dissemination years ago. And the vicious attacks on Donald Trump while playing down the offenses of Hillary Clinton during the campaign just made the liberal bias all the more obvious.

The fact that the much hyped leak of President Trump’s 2005 tax return turned out to be an embarrassment to MSNBC host Rachael Maddow does not remove the fact that a felony was committed. If Maddow encouraged its release, then she shares some of the guilt as well.

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Newt Gingrich makes the point when he said that, “First of all, to release those taxes is a felony, and they should impanel a grand jury and find out who released it, and that person ought to go to jail.”

His next comment really goes directly to the issue, and encapsulates the problem best typified by Hillary’s famous, “What difference does it make?” reply during questioning: “This city is filled with people who think they can break the law as long as they’re liberals, because it’s morally right to do anything you want to hurt Donald Trump. That’s wrong … They ought to be prosecuted as criminals, which they are.”

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Of course, Maddow is going to try to hide behind the First Amendment, which is not unusual for journalists who either broke the law or came close to doing so when gathering material for a story. This illustrates Gingrich’s point about the left thinking they are above the law very well.

Addressing Maddow in particular, “Gingrich, with a smile, told Fox News: ‘Second, Maddow is fake news, so the fact that she had a fake news hysteria shouldn’t surprise anyone.

You can watch Newt Gingrich’s interview with Fox News here:

It is no surprise – Ms. Maddow is an agressive advocate for the left. She will report the news as she sees fit consistent with her goal of attacking President Trump and his administration, and she will run a defense for any alleged offenses committed by Mr. Obama, the Clintons, or other prominent Democrats.

The only question is, did she break the law in releasing a document she had to know was obtained by illegal means? If so, she certainly took a risk for nothing as the tax return and her earth-shattering story just proved that Donald Trump pays an awful lot of income taxes.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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