We Followed New Russian Trail To Putin — Guess Where It Led? Not To President Trump, But To…

It has become very clear that these investigations regarding former FBI Director Comey, President Trump, former President Obama, President Putin of Russia, and who knows who else are going to get a lot more confusing and possibly imponderable before it is all over. Part of the problem is the continuing lack of evidence. Other issues involve concerns over the impartiality of Special Counsel Mueller, and the sometimes odd comments made by Mr. Comey during testimony before Congress and at other times.

We also have leaked information, some of which Mr. Comey admitted that he released himself, as well as the possible existence of notes Mr. Comey took after his conversations with the president. Notes that are claimed to be non-classified, but which the FBI won’t produce.

If all of that doesn’t give you pause, a new twist to this convoluted story has appeared. While President Trump and his campaign have been accused of having improper contacts with Russia, an accusation that so far lacks evidence, Mr. Putin has now offered former FBI Director Comey asylum for leaking memos to the public. So is it really Mr. Comey who has been working with Russia? Whoever heard of an FBI director doing that?

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“Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly said his country is willing to offer former FBI Director James Comey political asylum if he is prosecuted in the U.S. for leaking his memos on his private conversations with President Trump.

“According to a translation by RT, a Russian-controlled television network, Putin said Comey’s leaks put him ‘in a vulnerable position.’ He compared the former FBI director to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who currently has asylum in Russia.”

Can you imagine anything more unbelievable than a director of the FBI fleeing to Russia to avoid prosecution? Fortunately, right now, this is just a story from a Russian news source. At least so far.

“After Comey’s testimony to Congress last week, the president’s personal lawyer said he would file a complaint this week against the former FBI director for disclosing details of his conversations with Trump. No complaint has been filed yet.”

One thing that one might suspect from all of this is that Mr. Comey has a few things to hide. If he is after President Trump, and the memos are unclassified and would help him attack the president, why only leak one? And just because he possibly wrote down some notes after his conversations does not prove that what he wrote is true or accurate.

Source: Washington Examiner

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