Fox News Host Makes Frightening Obama Muslim Spy Ring Discovery That Floors Nation, New Evidence Reveals…

In spite of the focus on Special Counsel Mueller and the probe into alleged irregularities between the Trump campaign team and Russia, the mainstream news occasionally manages to spend a bit of time on the arrest of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s long time IT staffer for bank fraud, and the allegations that he transferred confidential or even classified materials to those outside the United States. They avoid that story when possible, but it’s not going away.

While the masters of the mainstream press keep us focused on the Trump-Russia story, like good stage magicians, they misdirect us away from what is really going on with Wasserman Schultz. This would include likely Obama Muslim Spy Imran Awan and his his recent arrest, and a bunch of other Democrats who are likely to be caught up in a scandal where real national secrets were sold to foreign agents.

Judge Andrew Napolitano is not one to let this issue die or remain on the back burner. He is making the case that Awan not only had access to every congresspersons’ email account, but that he sold this information to agents of foreign governments. It takes very little imagination to think of all the uses hostile nations could make of the information contained in all of our congresspersons’ email accounts.

“Awan was taken into custody when he was trying escape out of the country to Pakistan. He had just wired almost $300,000 from a House office building to Pakistan and was attempting to carry $12,000 in cash on his person when agents arrested him.

“It was first reported by the media that he was arrested for bank fraud, yet the details of the case were left out, specifically if there were other crimes he may have committed. Any evidence or facts they had were greatly tempered down by starting off the explanations with the phrase ‘conservatives say’.

“So, what are the authorities really concerned about? You can count bank fraud out…what really has investigators fishing around is the access that he had to the emails and accounts of members of Congress, including most conspicuously Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had been the head of the DNC, as Judge Andrew Napolitano notes in the video below. He was the IT administrator for over a dozen members of Congress, yet what did he even do?”

As Special Counsel Mueller conducts his well-publicized investigation into the alleged sharing of some form of information between candidate Trump’s campaign team and Russian operatives, we have the real case in progress with one Democratic staff member already under arrest for a felony. We also have the FBI investigating if Awan used his position with Democratic congresspersons to access and sell sensitive or even classified information to foreign interests.

We also know that he and his family who were also on the government payroll were paid millions of dollars for their services, far above what those in similar positions made. Why?

The scream of the Democrats will be “Trump is a crook” as an effort to keep the attention of the public off their own scandal surrounding Wasserman Schultz and who knows how many of her colleagues.

Don’t let them get away with the distraction. They are not that good of magicians.

Source: Right Wing News

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