Appeals Court Just Blocked New DC Law That Bans Our Constitutional Right To…

Every once in a while we are pleasantly surprised to learn that a federal court has concluded that the US Constitution isn’t such a bad document after all, and maybe there would be benefits to be gained by interpreting it in a manner consistent with what the founders really intended for it to mean. It’s especially encouraging when the Second Amendment is defended properly.

Now if we could ever get the federal courts from bottom to top to take the Ninth and Tenth Amendments seriously, we might be able to reign in this monstrosity we call our federal government before it devours what’s left of our national wealth.

More to the point, the US Court of Appeals in D.C. has blocked the new law that D.C. had enacted to ban all the right to carry concealed weapons. Ring up a victory for the Second Amendment in the belly of the beast.

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“A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a District of Columbia gun-control measure that the court said is essentially an outright ban in violation of the Second Amendment.

“D.C. requires gun owners to have a ‘good reason’ to obtain a concealed carry permit.

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit struck down the regulation as too restrictive in a 2-1 decision, The Washington Post reported.

“‘The good-reason law is necessarily a total ban on most D.C. residents’ right to carry a gun in the face of ordinary self-defense needs,’ Judge Thomas B. Griffith wrote, according to the paper.

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“Bans on the ability of most citizens to exercise an enumerated right would have to flunk any judicial test.”

You take a look at the crime statistics in D.C. and it would be hard to argue that any law abiding citizen wouldn’t have reason to carried a concealed weapon.

“John R. Lott, Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center called the decision huge.

Right now, there are about 124 concealed handgun permit holders in D.C., Lott told Fox News. ‘If D.C. were like the 42 right-to-carry states, they would have about 48,000 permits. Right now D.C. prevents the most vulnerable people, particularly poor blacks who live in high crime areas of D.C., from having any hope of getting a permit for protection.'”

The civil rights issues have largely been settled. Laws that prevent minorities from exercising their rights as U.S. citizens are unconstitutional, and in the case of their right to defend themselves are unconscionable.

Score one terrific victory in what is hardly thought to be friendly territory.

Source: Fox News

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